Connect with your clients and streamline your processes

We help Belgian audit and accounting companies just like yours to automate time-consuming processes and save time. So you can create more value and become a trusted advisor for your clients instead.

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Penneo in Belgium

500+ accounting companies trust Penneo

Penneo and itsme

Secure signing and identity authentication via itsme® and Penneo

Manage your digital transactions and document signing processes in an efficient and secure manner.

You can use itsme® through Penneo to verify the identity of your clients in compliance with KYC and AML regulations, as well as digitally sign documents like engagement letters, annual reports, management statements, and more.

Connect with your clients

Penneo helps you get rid of paper-based transactions and cumbersome manual labor. So you can focus on what really matters: your clients.

Client identification & onboarding
  • Secure KYC forms
  • Sign engagement letters digitally
  • Risk assessments
Document transactions & workflows
  • Secure reviewing process
  • Custom signing flows
  • Audit trail
Document validity, filing & management
  • Document validation & encryption
  • Automatic data deletion per GDPR
  • Connect to ERPs, CRMs, & business registries
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Automate recurring processes, and save both time and costs by doing so. Keep track of documents' status, schedule automatic reminders, and define custom signing flows.

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Take advantage of industry tools and software integrations to reduce the amount of time spent on data entry and transfers and boost productivity.

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With a digital signature, you get documents signed faster, are compliant with eIDAS and GDPR, and can sign several documents with just one click. Your clients get a better experience too.

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Discover features

Take full advantage of business automation with Silverfin and Penneo

Transform the way you create, manage, and automate document transactions.

With our Silverfin integration, you can send documents from Silverfin to Penneo in just a few clicks. And based on predefined signing flows, your documents will be automatically sent for signing in the specified order.

Automate time-consuming processes and significantly reduce manual data entry. With Penneo and Silverfin, you save time to focus more on connecting with your customers and listening to their needs.

Silverfin and Penneo

Sending documents out for signature with Penneo

Het versturen van documenten ter ondertekening (Nederlands)

With Penneo, you will...

Increase efficiency & save costs

Automate manual processes related to client on boarding, KYC, annual reports, attestation services, and more. Free up time that can be spent on meeting with clients and providing advisory and consultancy services.

Improve security & compliance

Penneo is built for security-conscious auditors and accountants. You can achieve the highest compliance level when storing and managing your documents via Penneo. GDPR, eIDAS, AML, and IFRS – we’ve got you covered.

Elevate customer experience

Your clients can sign documents from anywhere, on any device, and will benefit from Penneo as well. They can keep track of progress and make sure the required documentation is delivered to the relevant authorities in time.

Kasper from Beierholm
About a million pieces of paper are now completely digitalized. Two-thirds of our financial statements for our customers are digitally produced and signed.
Kasper from Beierholm

Beierholm embraces digitalization with Penneo

Beierholm, one of the largest accounting and audit companies in Denmark, has taken full advantage of business process automation with Penneo across all their business lines.

Thanks to the collaboration with Penneo:

20.000+ of Beierholm's clients now use Penneo for handling processes like onboarding and reporting

1.5 hours have been saved per client on average

The highest form of security and compliance has been achieved across the organization

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