Let’s Conquer the World Together!

Dec 19

Let’s Conquer the World Together!

We are about to take off to become the leader of digital signature in Europe. To ensure we reach our destination we are now on the look for a back-end developer with entrepreneurial blood and a solid knowledge of microservice architecture.

So why should you work with us?

As a backend developer at Penneo you will together with a team of highly skilled and enthusiastic developers, create new and wicked functionalities and assist the development of our platform. Our users means the world to us and we therefore need to ensure that the machinery runs smoothly, no matter how many users onboard.
We promise you a great opportunity to take your backend skills to the next level and have a lot of fun while doing it! We have a strong entrepreneurial spirit where everybody takes responsibility and everybody will be heard.

You will get:

  • A fun, bold, cool, dynamic, professional and international work environment
  • Be part of a Danish SaaS company with international potential and opportunities
  • Direct impact on a great product used by thousands
  • Get 20 very nice and highly skilled colleagues to help you in your quest
  • Have a seat at our super cool 13th floor penthouse office
  • Eat lunch in our second to none canteen with great food every day (with take-away option at night)
  • Get in shape in the our fitness center with 24-7 access

We are Penneo!

Penneo is a fast growing SaaS company headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. We help companies sign documents digitally, and we are the market leader. Our success has been achieved because we are extremely dedicated to doing the right things right.
We’re currently expanding to Scandinavia and this is where you fit in! We want to challenge you to apply and develop your back-end skills in new and exciting ways.
You will join a fast moving team of highly motivated colleagues that challenge the way in which companies sign documents and reduce the paper usage. The users will love you and the world will thank you for saving the rainforest.

You’re totally awesome if you’re…

  • A profound PHP Expert
  • Haunted by a deep-rooted need to code
  • Passionate about making high quality products
  • Coding like Richard Hendricks
  • Obsessed with Linux, REST, PHP, Symfony, Java, Maven, TDD, Cucumber, Swagger, MySQL, Docker and Git
  • Daring and ready to go new ways to solve technical problems
  • Experienced with microservice architecture
  • Responsible and self-driven with a security mindset

Do you have what it takes to conquer the world and do you want to join us on an exciting journey?
Get in touch with us!

Jan Flora