Finland is one of the most digitalized countries worldwide. In fact, it ranks 2nd in the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) 2021, a study made by the European Commission.

Part of the digitalization agenda in Finland is enabling its citizens to safely and easily identify themselves, sign documents, and perform other transactions online. And the key to making that happen is the Finnish Trust Network (FTN), an initiative which launched in 2017. Keep on reading to find out more about FTN and its impact on Finnish society.


What is the Finnish Trust Network (FTN)?

The Finnish Trust Network (FTN) is a framework established by the Finnish government to provide a more secure and centralized point of access to all the available Finnish electronic IDs.

There are currently several eIDs available in Finland, such as the Bank eIDs provided by the Finnish banks and Mobile ID (Mobiilivarmenne) issued by mobile telecom operators. FTN makes it possible for service providers to integrate to all electronic IDs through a single integration. Thus allowing Finnish citizens to identify themselves or sign documents digitally with their eID of choice.

FTN was established in 2017 and is managed by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom.


What are the Finnish Bank IDs?

The Finnish Bank IDs are electronic IDs issued by a number of Finnish banks and banking institutions, specifically:

  • Osuuspankki
  • Nordea
  • Danske Bank
  • Handelsbanken
  • Ålandsbanken
  • S-Pankki
  • Aktia
  • POP Pankki
  • Säästöpankki
  • Oma Säästöpankki​

The Finnish Bank eIDs are a part of the Finnish Trust Network. Therefore, any service provider that integrates with FTN can provide authentication and signing services via the Finnish Bank IDs.


What is Mobile ID Finland (Mobiilivarmenne)?

Mobile ID Finland is a simple and secure way to access online services with a mobile phone. This could be signing into your online banking account, logging into healthcare platforms, signing documents online, and more.

MobileID is easy to use, as users only require their phone number and a self-chosen PIN code to access all these online services. MobileID is also a part of the Finnish Trust Network.


Why was FTN needed?

One of the main reasons the Finnish Trust Network was formed is security. It replaced the previous identity service, TUPAS, which lacked several security features considered essential to comply with both the EU’s eIDAS regulation and Finland’s more extensive data privacy and protection regulations.

Market competition for digital identity services is another driver behind FTN. Prior to FTN, application providers needed a separate integration and contract for each bank they worked with. Thanks to FTN, a single integration and contract is now enough to be able to provide Finnish citizens with digital transaction services regardless of which bank provided their eID.


What are the advantages of FTN?

The Finnish Trust Network is a secure solution, meant to make it easier for service providers, Finnish businesses, and citizens to perform transactions online in a safe and efficient manner.

Boosting digitalization in Finland

While already a digital frontrunner, FTN gives a further boost to Finland’s digitalization efforts. Being able to use a single integration for all Finnish eIDs makes it more attractive for companies to offer authentication and signing services to Finnish companies and citizens.

Robust security for modern needs

FTN was established due to a need for a more secure solution. The framework has been built with data privacy and protection in mind, so it’s a robust solution better suited to today’s digital needs. Both business and private users can rest assured that their data is being protected and handled responsibly.

Better end-user experience

FTN makes authentication and digital signing more convenient for the end-users as well. With the FTN setup, Finnish citizens can have their own choice of eID provider through a single point of integration. That means users are no longer limited to the service providers who offer an integration with their specific eID, but have a wider range of options.


Sign documents digitally with FTN and Penneo

Penneo Sign is a digital tool that integrates with the Finnish Trust Network, enabling companies to send, sign, and manage documents digitally. Penneo is built with security and compliance in mind, making it a great fit for security-conscious Finnish companies.

Signing via Penneo is easy, efficient, and convenient for all parties involved. Here are some of the features our customers love:

    • Automatic reminders: Automatically send email reminders from Penneo Sign and get documents signed on time.
    • Automatic document routing: Set up automation rules to route documents to multiple signers in the right order.
    • Audit trails: Track every step of the signing process and document your compliance.
    • Email templates: Create custom email templates that align with your brand.
    • Secure document storage: Prevent unauthorized access to stored documents by setting up role-based access permission.

Request a free trial and start signing documents digitally today!



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