Online contract signing is a faster, safer, and cheaper alternative to manually signing documents. Besides, using digital signatures improves productivity and promotes sustainable business practices within an organization.


How can I sign contracts electronically?

With Penneo Sign, you can send out contracts for signature in 3 easy steps.

1. Upload the contract/s to be signed

Upload documents

2. Add the signers

Add signers

3. Check that all the information is correct, then send the signing request

Send documents

Easy, right? That’s what we are going for!

But that’s not all! Penneo also offers more advanced features to customize your signing processes, such as:

  • Signing flows: if you have more contracts and more signers, you can decide who signs what and when
  • Identity verification: allows signers to authenticate themselves via eID before accessing documents
  • Automatic reminders: help you make sure documents get signed on time
  • Copy recipients: lets you add recipients who don’t need to sign but only receive a copy of the signed contract


Online contract signing FAQs

Is it legal to sign contracts online?

Yes, it is! Under the eIDAS regulation, digitally signed contracts are legally binding.

Is it safe to sign contracts digitally with Penneo?

Yes, signing contracts with Penneo is safe. From our IT environment to our products, everything we do follows the highest safety standards and industry best practices. Digital signatures created with Penneo meet the security requirements laid down in the EU eIDAS regulation and the US e-Sign and UETA Act. Thus, they have the same legal effect as their handwritten counterparts. Read more in our Trust Center.

How can I make sure that the right person signs the contract?

When sending a contract for signature via Penneo, you can set up access control, such as authentication via electronic ID. This ensures that only the right person can view and sign the document.

How can I be sure that the signers won’t say that the signature is not theirs?

Penneo collects and stores the signers’ consent to sign the contract digitally and includes this information in the final PDF. Moreover, the signers’ data and their activities on the contract (access, view, signature) are recorded in an event log which can be used as evidence of the signing process.

What types of contracts can I sign with Penneo?

You can use Penneo to sign most types of contracts — from employment and leasing contracts to sales and rental agreements.


With Penneo, you can:

Securely sign documents   Get contracts securely signed with eID authentication, audit trail, and encryption

Reduce contract turnaround time   Reduce contract turnaround time by letting recipients sign from anywhere and from any device

Templates   Speed up repetitive tasks with templates for recurring documents and signers

Store contracts securely   Securely store all your contracts in one place



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