Penneo entered the Belgian market in 2020 and has since then been helping Belgian companies across industries to manage their digital signing processes in an efficient and secure manner.

With the integration to itsme®, Penneo makes it easier for Belgian companies to verify the identity of their customers and/or employees, as well as ensure that documents are read and signed by the intended receivers in a secure way.


Automation of document transactions with Silverfin and Penneo

As part of its operations in Belgium, Penneo has developed a solid partnership with Silverfin, a cloud platform for accounting companies. The integration between Penneo and Silverfin makes document transfers between the two platforms a seamless process, in which documents can be sent from Silverfin to Penneo in just a few clicks. Through the partnership with Silverfin, Penneo enables Belgian accountants to automate time-consuming processes and significantly reduce manual data entry.


Creating value for audit and accounting companies in Belgium

Penneo has a strong product-market fit when it comes to auditors and accountants, having already helped major audit and accounting companies in the Nordics and in Belgium to automate their signing and document management workflows.

VGD, one of the Big10 accounting companies in Belgium, implemented the Penneo solution to get one step closer to becoming a leader in digital accountancy in Belgium.

With Penneo, VGD is able to streamline its signature collection process and provide clients with a better signing experience using itsme®. The integration with Silverfin further allows VGD to automate document transactions for its accountancy processes.

“We use Penneo for managing the signing processes in our business line accountancy. Before Penneo, we did this in a very old-fashioned way which created a lot of frustrations and was time-consuming. Now we can automate the signing flow and make sure that we collect all the signatures we need. Our clients are also happy to be able to sign digitally using itsme®, which is a big step forward.” – Charlotte Pille, Partner at VGD

With Penneo, auditors and accountants can manage and automate processes related to the annual report, engagement letters, customer onboarding, the annual general meeting, and AML/KYC in a much more secure, compliant, and efficient way.

By managing their document workflows digitally, audit and accounting companies save between 1–2 hours of manual work per customer, cut down costs on paper, ink, and postage while increasing productivity. This enables auditors and accountants to spend more time on advising clients and finding solutions tailored to their needs – and Penneo will take care of the administrative work.



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