The Perks and Power of Hiring and Onboarding Digitally

Published Date: 10 October 2019 | 2 min read

While particular attention is paid to contractual management in accounting, real estate and administration, the importance of contract management for human resources is often overlooked by companies.

However, in a chaotic job market, retaining talent is essential, and there is no better way to materialize your efforts than having a complete, streamlined, and computerized contract management process for human resources.


Why is contract management for human resources important?

Contract management in the HR context includes the creation, execution and constant evolution of services for staff, including recruitment, training, skills development and compensation. It is a true showcase of your business for your existing and potential employees.

The main challenges related to employment contracts include non-competition clauses and the fragile status of an individual within your company, the violation of confidentiality agreements, conflicts between employers and employees, as well as competition between employees regarding compensation or clauses.

Eradicating potential problems in the beginning and during the contracting phase helps avoid any further ambiguity.


Here are some of the perks and power moves with digitizing a hiring flow

Power: Save time, effort and resources: it is only once you transform the manual task of HR contract management into an automated task, that you realize how much time was lost performing administrative tasks, solving conflicts and sometimes just looking through file cabinets to find important documents.

Perk: Creating digital traceability: when information is accessible with a single click, it is also easier to monitor the performance of the department. With automated notifications, you can closely follow the status of the send out a contract and take action when needed and monthly reports provide clarity on the activities of HR and the statuses of all documents sent. 

Power: Reduction of manual processes: a contract management software allows HR staff to take a more productive and focused approach to daily tasks, which allows them to deal with employees quicker and pay more attention to value-creating tasks.

Perk: Reducing paper consumption: Environment protection is now a differentiating factor and its importance grows in all sectors of the economy. Sustainability does not only contribute to minimizing the digital footprint of businesses but it also provides a competitive edge. The digitization of contracts is a clear and obvious way for HR to make their contribution and join the movement. 

Power: Embracing integrations: A good contract management system fits seamlessly into your everyday workflow and it complements the existing systems that you have put in place, rather than introducing a whole new process to your team. Integrations can help you unify your HR activities and to make your highest contribution all in one place. 



In conclusion, it is no secret that contract management in HR has traditionally been neglected, when it only takes a little time in the beginning to integrate a quality software system that will benefit all departments in the long run with digital document handling. By abandoning manual tasks and adopting digitalization, you can let your employees, candidates, partners, customers and competitors know that you are the employer of choice; a professional and modern employer in today’s world.