Are you tired of time-consuming signing processes? Digital signatures help you reduce manual work and allow your customers to sign PDFs online in a secure way.

You can sign PDF documents online via Penneo in three simple steps!

1. Open and read the documents

Open and read the documents

2. Choose your preferred signing method

Choose signing method

3. Authenticate yourself using your eID and sign the documents

Authenticate and sign

Depending on the signature method used, the documents you sign with Penneo may be automatically saved in your personal Penneo archive. If you want to store the signed files on your computer or share them with relevant parties, you can simply download them from the archive.

With Penneo Sign, you can conveniently sign documents from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. And the best part is, our digital signatures have the same legal effect as handwritten signatures. Thus, they will always hold up in court.

You can fill in and sign PDF forms using Penneo in three easy steps!

1. Open the form and fill it in

Open the form and fill it in

2. Choose your preferred signing method

Choose signing method

3. Authenticate yourself using your eID and sign the PDF form

Authenticate and sign

Penneo Sign allows you to quickly collect data from your customers or employees. You can create and edit PDF forms directly in the system and send them out with just a few clicks. And thanks to encryption, all data collected via Penneo Sign is safe from prying eyes.


Benefits of online signing

Signing PDFs online is more convenient and efficient for everyone. Below are the four main perks of online signing:

  • Flexibility: Sign from anywhere, at any time, and from any device
  • Efficiency: Sign at your own convenience, and be more productive
  • Paperless: No waste of resources, no pollution, and massive cost savings
  • Better signing experience: Happier employees and customers thanks to a modern experience


What documents can I sign online

  • HR documents, such as employment contracts, onboarding documents, benefits paperwork, NDAs, etc.
  • Commercial agreements, including purchase orders, procurement documents, sales agreements, invoices
  • Consumer agreements, including new retail account opening documents, sales terms, services terms, software licenses, order confirmations, shipment documentation
  • Corporate documents, such as financial statements, annual reports, and minutes of AGMs, board meetings, and shareholder meetings – as well as memoranda of association, share certificates, and the assignment of nominative stocks or bonds
  • Real estate documents, including renting and leasing agreements, purchase and sales contracts, and other related documentation for residential and commercial real estate
  • Intellectual property licenses, such as patent, copyright, trademark, and other intangible property transfers

    Banking and insurance agreements, consumer credit contracts

  • Certain forms filed with the public sector, including tax returns and applications
  • Certain contracts requiring by law the involvement of the courts, government, public authorities, or professions exercising a public service (e.g., a notary), and documents that would need to be filed with official instances such as the clerk’s office, notary public, bank, etc.


Online signing FAQs

Is it legal to sign PDFs online?

Yes, it is legal to sign PDFs online. All PDF documents that you sign digitally are just as legally binding as hand-signed paper documents.

Is it safe to sign PDFs online?

Yes, if you choose a safe digital signature provider. At Penneo, security is our top priority. We keep our services up to date with legal requirements, data protection obligations, and compliance needs and ensure the confidentiality and integrity of customers’ documents and data. Read more in our Trust Center.

Do I need a Penneo account to sign a PDF online?

You don’t need a Penneo account to sign a PDF document sent to you via Penneo. You can simply open and sign the document in your browser. It’s easy, fast, and free.

The sender will automatically receive the signed document. Read more about how to sign.

How can I get a document signed by another person?

With Penneo, you can easily invite others to sign. You can send as many documents to as many people you need, and they’ll receive the signing request directly in their inbox. The recipients don’t need an account to sign, and you’ll get the signed documents in your Penneo account.

Start signing PDFs online free by requesting a free trial of Penneo Sign!


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