What Made Penneo the Way It Is Today?

Published Date: 19 June 2019 | 4 min read

What Made Penneo the Way It Is Today?

Today, we look back at our path to how we became a leader in managing fast, secure, and effortless automated digital signing processes, and some of our milestones leading us to be trusted by more than 1500 companies worldwide.

This post is especially dedicated to our new international alliances, with whom we want to share our journey of past accomplishments. It is with you that we aim to continue with, on a transparent voyage of trusted digital innovation!


Bringing trust and transparency into the digital signing world

Before Penneo, signing a document had no specific safety guarantee (we all saw “The Talented Mr Ripley” and how easily Matt Damon got away with that) and truth be told there was a lot of fraud with signatures and verification; which caused much trouble for individuals and for companies.

Penneo brought forth a changing action, allowing companies to sign a safe and trusted signature and where a confirmation of action and responds would instantly be a part of the signing process (workflow). Moreover, creating a guarantee where YOU, as a client, know that you sent it to the right person and that Penneo will keep you safe and sound. This was a big change, or rather shift, which Penneo is very proud of having contributed to and accomplished.    


An innovative team that wants to make things happen

Everyday we work with clients to improve their workplace and together we improve how many companies operate. Beyond this we prioritize being on top of our game when it comes to security, fraud and transparency. Together, we guarantee that our current and future clients can trust that we will deliver what is promised, as this is also one of our main values to each other as colleagues and as a team.

Penneo is built on an innovative combination of people who all prioritize loyalty, consistency team-building, honesty and hard work. With this merging of skill sets, great things continue to happen and it is being reflected in not only our work, performance and delivery but also in our internal/customer relationships. With this focus in mind, we push ourselves to continually be more than a digital signature platform and  keep growing as a company and as a team – so join our journey here


The journey of Penneo

Delivering a satisfactory and secure service that is being valued by so many clients has been a driving force for our team and the entire company since we started back in 2012.

In 2014 we hit a milestone as Penneo won the award for “Best Start-up” at Accelerace Investor Day – and what a turn of events, for our company, for our team, and for our future! Penneo also expanded its ownership with Danish Seed Capital, making it possible to grow our team of dedicated employees and ensuring that innovative developments are able to move faster. 

Furthermore, this year we expanded from a digital signature platform to also being able to sign a digital contract from a tablet or phone and thereby eliminating the restrictions of printing and prepping before finalizing a deal. 

Penneo's journey


Bigger and Better

We were thrilled to carry out the “CPR Validation with NemID” 2015 – securing and confirming that all transactions made with Penneo would be under the most secure conditions. This big event sparked our travels towards our neighbouring countries!

Arriving to 2016, the security level in both Sweden and Norway by using their bankID reached our standards, and Penneo became available in both countries. By expanding to our Scandinavian neighbours, the company went from being solely represented by a Danish team, to become gradually more international, incorporating new colleagues from different cultures and developing our skills and competences.

In terms of our product, we introduced the Desktop App with focus on being able to communicate with other desktop applications to leverage the data from systems from providers like Unik, EG, Caseware and Wolters Kluwer. Furthermore, to eliminate many entry steps when login in to the app and thereby creating a better overview and enhancing the user experience.


New times, New products

Remember how long it used to take accountants to retrieve signatures and sign annual reports – which is now a standard procedure to execute. The amount of energy it took landlords and renters to finalizing the deal, do you remember? Not to mention finalizing employment contracts.. All this used to be done with a pen, patience and time due diligence. Together we changed this and made it possible to sign with the use of a fingertip or a computer mouse. Moreover, we made it possible for our Scandinavian clients to collect safely signed signatures from international businesses – without crossing countries or skies. 

These innovative initiatives occurred in 2017, as Penneo was scaling up and becoming more international and by 2018 we continued our work with our international clients, gather more and welcome an even bigger international team. The Penneo family is now growing, diverse and multicultural – and we love that! Alongside, new desktop and web app alignments are on the horizon and we can’t wait to show you.


Looking Forward

Penneo has gone from a start-up process to becoming a company, which has accomplished many goals, created strong bonds across borders, and now, developed new visions for ourselves and our industry. We are ready to head on into an exciting future and reach new heights for our company, team, and partners. The future only holds new challenges, achievements and collaborations! 

We hope that our readers are excited to join and follow our journey with blog post subjects such as; product release and product update from Penneo, innovational initiatives and relevant insights within our field. If you are interested in further updates about Penneo, then sign up for our monthly newsletter from our homepage!