We believe we can all make a difference.

Our way: Radical Transparency & Conscious environmental approach.

At Penneo, we want to provide you with a solution that you can proudly put your signature under. Our goal is to raise awareness about the environmental impact of paper on the planet and how we can radically reduce those numbers together. And our mission with CSR is to create a healthy working environment that inspires our talents and helps them make their highest contribution. We believe in radical transparency, clean numbers and proudly showing what we are made of (literally).

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Welcome to our CSR chapter. Let’s write the story together.

The UN’s sustainable
development goals we support


Protecting our Home. We believe we can all make a Difference.

Environmental CSR

Over 20 years ago, it was thought that the paperless office (or close to it) would be a reality by 2020. Ironically, since then print volume has actually increased, as people now print emails, web pages, contracts, reports, etc. Additionally, the paper used for packaging and postage as well as the increasing demand for printer ink demonstrates how prevalent paper usage is in daily activity. Production, transportation, and recycling also take a significant toll on the environment and we tend to overlook the details. It is every business’ responsibility- big or small- to make sure they are doing their best to preserve the world’s resources by aiming to limit their paper usage and thus reducing their carbon footprint, water and electricity consumption. This is how we protect our home. How do you?

Goal 13: Climate actionGoal 15: Life on land

True costs revealed

We are radically transparent and we believe there is no free lunch. But we are not afraid to show our numbers. So, we did some research to uncover exactly how big is the environmental footprint of paper compared to digital signatures including digital transaction management.

The cost of paper processes in the workplace
The cost of digital transaction management

The Results

  • Digital processes where signing is involved produce 127 times less CO2 per 100 000 documents.
  • Digital signatures paired even paired with digital transaction management use up 13 times less electricity per 100 000 documents.
  • The logistics and transportation cost of delivering your 100 000 sheets of paper, sending your contracts by mail and sending the used paper to be recycled can provide 190 000 households with electricity for an year. With digital transaction management this happens in seconds and almost no energy is wasted.

Employees & Respect For Human Rights

Vouching for our people. People are at the heart of what we do.

Human rights & equality in the workplace

Penneo is committed to creating a healthy workplace where human rights are respected and equal employment opportunities are provided to all individuals no matter their gender, race, age, religion and sexuality. We are dedicated to creating a strong work-life balance where all individuals feel they can make their highest contribution. Penneo also helps to ensure that workers’ rights are protected by adhering to worker protection laws, regulations, and standards in the respective business regions.

Goal 3: Good health and well-beingGoal 5: Gender equalityGoal 10: Reduced inequalities

Penneo: united against food waste

In Denmark alone, each year 700,000 tons of perfectly good food that could have been eaten is thrown away. The food waste costs Danish consumers more than 11 billion DKK a year.

So how does Penneo try and make the numbers a little better? Glad you asked.

Each day we order our lunch and snacks from a small local restaurant and we try and order the exact amount we need as a team. The food is always fresh and organic, so even if there are any leftovers, Penneo provides multi-use tupperware so that the food can be brought home and make a delicious dinner. The tupperware is then brought back on the next day so it can be used again.

We are against the use of plastic cups for water, tea, and coffee, so... we just don’t keep any around. It’s that easy and we’re perfectly fine with using glasses.

Supporting local restaurants and getting fresh and organic food every day is important here at Penneo. Not only because smaller restaurants tend to have a smaller carbon footprint, but also because we eliminate the costs of transportation as the restaurant that we order food from is downstairs. What is more, we can get a better idea of where the food is coming from and how it is made.

To ensure we never have too much or too little food, we order on daily basis. Working with local restaurants facilitates this process as they tend to be more flexible about changing everyday orders and making sure that the food is enough for everyone.


 Penneo invests in employee health and wellbeing

We are invested not only in the overall health of our employees but also in their future. We believe that keeping our employees and their families healthy and ensuring their coverage in the case of injuries is the right way to go. Extra vacation days, birthdays off, family matters, and sick days are all included to help Penneos stay in good physical and mental health.

Supporting local restaurants is not the only local business we turn to. Penneo has a corporate membership subscription with a local gym, just 5 minutes away from the office. Penneo is fighting the notion of a “sedentary job” and is thus offering an unlimited gym pass to all of its employees.

The benefits of supporting small local gyms are endless. Not only do you know all the staff on day 3, but they also know you and your preferences. Thus it is easier to get help with machines, get quality recommendations, or get a discounted protein shake.

Penneo believes that healthy and motivated employees are a priority and helps them stick to their new year’s resolutions.

Quality & Services

Responsibility in producing quality. Value as a function of sustainability & quality.

Corporate social responsibility and guaranteed quality

Security, compliance and identity verification is where Penneo can provide the biggest value. Those properties are now a vital component to the transaction ecosystems of financial accounting, HR, property management and many many more companies. Making sure that your company’s data and the sensitive information about your employees is kept safe is of the utmost importance and Penneo is here to help.

Goal 12: Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns


Product reliability and IT security build our customers loyalty. With our risk-based approach Penneo ensures business continuity and high-level services on a daily basis. The trust our customers place in us is based on the security we provide in terms of continuity and good performance of our services as well as on the confidentiality and protection of documents and data involved. The reliability of our products and the safety of the operations carried out through them are fundamental factors that Penneo absolutely prioritizes. If you would like to know more, head over to our Trust Center security page.

Reliability and security


Abiding by international legislations and security standards is the basis of our pyramid of priorities and we are committed to keeping our policies and practices up-to-date with the latest news in the global legal landscape. Penneo validates its services trustworthiness with an ongoing commitment to make your digital experience safe and secure. That’s why being compliant with legal, privacy and security requirements is our top priority. Learn more on our Compliance webpage.

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