“There are often several signatories that have to sign documents in a specific order. The order and signatories differ from document to document. Penneo’s digital signature system allows us to automate these signing flows and saves us the manual work.” – Anders Hummelmose, Finance and IT Manager at Agri Nord


About Agri Nord

Agri Nord is an association that provides consultancy services to the agribusiness community in Denmark. On top of that, Agri Nord also offers accounting and auditing services and financial advice to small and medium-sized companies within the agricultural sector.

Agri Nord is a forward-thinking organization that understands digitalization, automation, and innovation are key in today’s economy. As a result, they decided to implement Penneo’s digital signing and KYC/AML compliance software.




• Keeping track of and managing documents is easier with Penneo

One of Agri Nord’s main challenges was keeping track of and managing documents. They used to print, scan, and send most of the financial statements for signature via snail mail. However, they soon realized that this was inefficient and slow. Furthermore, it was impossible to check the status of the documents.

With Penneo, Agri Nord has digitized and automated most of their signature processes. As a result, they cut down costs on postage, paper, and ink and increased efficiency. The company also has a better overview of the documents and they can check if the recipient has received or/and signed the document.

Penneo also allows Agri Nord to send out automated reminder emails to recipients who have yet to sign the documents. As soon as the signed document is received, Agri Nord can securely archive it with Penneo.


• Custom signing flows helped Agri Nord optimize processes

Financial statements often need to be signed by multiple signers, both internal and external to the organisation. In addition, each financial statement needs to be signed by different signers in a very specific order. Therefore, the internal signing process only could take up to 2 weeks.

With Penneo, Agri Nord can now create custom signing flows that automatically send the documents to the right recipients in a specific order. The company can create more than one custom signing flow depending on their specific needs. It only takes 1 to 2 days for Agri Nord to collect signatures with Penneo. By using Peneno, Agri Nord is also GDPR-compliant by default.



• Penneo’s custom signing flows helped Agri Nord increase efficiency and reduce the time spent on manual signing processes.

• With Penneo, Agri Nord has a clear overview of all the documents sent and their statuses.

• By switching to digital signature, Agri Nord has significantly cut down paper, ink, and postage costs.



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