“Even though it takes an extra 20 seconds to sign an employment contract, I also get a much better overview of my signed documents. Document management has improved and contracts are signed faster. This helps a lot on busy days where I have to sign over 25 times.” – Anders Terp-Hansen, Head of HR Support at ATP Group


About ATP Group

ATP Group is the largest pension and investments company in Denmark. The Danish Parliament established ATP Group in 1964 as a way to ensure that pensioners receive a supplement to their state pension. The company has over 3000 employees working across three core areas: pension funds, investment, and administration. As a result, the company’s HR department was constantly facing challenges associated with the creation, maintenance, and archiving of the numerous employment contracts and documents.




• Staying on top of HR processes with Penneo

ATP Group’s goal is to ensure that all its members have basic financial security. To achieve that, their processes need to be as smooth and efficient as possible. Nevertheless, that was not always the case for their HR department that had to manage a large number of employee documents on a regular basis. Printing, copying and scanning contracts was a hassle. On top of that, if the manager had already left the office, the contracts would have to wait until the following day to be signed. Not to mention the frustration associated with checking the mailbox several times a day for important documents. Luckily, those days are over for ATP Group.

With Penneo, employment contracts are automatically sent for digital signing and the system keeps track of who and when has signed the document. Moreover, real-time updates and document overview help ATP Group stay on top of HR processes.


• Automating recurring HR processes with Penneo

ATP Group’s HR department started using Penneo in 2017, and they quickly realized it was a game-changer in their line of business.

Collecting contract signatures from all parties involved and delivering the signed contracts on time was a big challenge for Anders’ department. With Penneo, ATP Group can now automate recurring signing processes, thus increasing productivity and saving time. The routing scenarios feature allows the company to automatically send contracts and collect signatures in less than a day.



• Penneo helped ATM Group streamline their signing processes through automation. This took a lot of pressure off ATP’s HR department and increased their productivity. On top of that, the company cut down paper, ink, and printing costs.

• Implementing a new digital solution can often be challenging, especially for a large company like ATP. However, due to its user-friendly interface, intuitive design, and thorough customer onboarding, Penneo’s implementation was fast and hassle-free.

• Last but not least, Penneo allowed ATP to have a better overview of their documents. As a result, the HR department saved valuable time that they can now allocate to improving employees’ experience.



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