“The great thing about Penneo is that we saved a lot of money, time, and resources. On top of that, Penneo is a cloud-based system which made it very easy to implement and use with our IT system.” – Gitte Groth, Personnel Consultant at Copenhagen Airport


About Copenhagen Airport

Copenhagen Airport (CPH) is famous for its comfort, commitment to travelling easy, and beautiful Nordic design. The largest airport in the Nordic countries, it is also one of Denmark’s largest workplaces, with more than 23000 employees from 560 different companies. As a result, Copenhagen Airport’s HR department has to handle numerous contracts (ca. 2700-2800) associated with the hiring and onboarding of new employees.




• Delays and unpredictability serve as a goal to action for Copenhagen Airport

Gitte Groth, the personnel consultant at Copenhagen Airport, continuously experienced difficulties with the manual process of hiring and onboarding of the new employees due to:

  • Long waiting time and delay in signing employment contracts. There would often be delays due to sending employment contracts out through the Danish postal service and having to wait to receive them back signed.
  • Unpredictability on how much time the process would take, and therefore, the inability to plan the onboarding accordingly; for example, gathering onboarding equipment; such as phones, computers, handbooks, and other new employee requirements.
  • Variable prices depending on the urgency of signing the documents. Whenever there was a tight time limit, the cost of the process would increase significantly.
  • Longer hiring processes due to numerous manual tasks, which are also subject to human error.


• Growing acceptance of the eID: ensuring data security and compliance

In a large workplace as Copenhagen Airport, with more than 23000 employees, the focus on security is essential and regulated both by Danish and international regulations. Enforcement of these rules is part of operating an airport, and the role of HR is to provide a personal ID card that gives access to the security zones where the employee has their daily work function when hired. To obtain a personal ID card is a complex process involving background checks according to the current EU regulation, which consists of 3 parts:

  • Establish a person’s identity based on evidence.
  • Include criminal records in all countries of residence for at least the preceding five years.
  • Include employment, education, and any interruptions for at least the preceding five years. Interruptions of more than 28 days must be accounted for.


Two years ago, the Danish police department did not allow this procedure to be done through digital signing and digital data collection. It meant that whenever Gitte had to collect the necessary qualifications and personal and professional background to prove that the employee would travel in the airport area without endangering himself and others. They had to do it the old “print, scan, postal mail way”.

This procedure is a big part of the onboarding process, and since they had already implemented Penneo in other sectors; they needed this step to complete the digital automation.




• Copenhagen Airport improves efficiency with Penneo

After thorough discussions between Penneo’s and CPH Airport’s employees, everyone concluded that Penneo is the right tool to solve the challenges mentioned above. Due to its ease of use and automated process, the time of signing contracts shortens, respectively, the onboarding process becomes more comfortable to plan and reduce delays. Also, a Business Impact Assessment (BIA) made by CPH showcased that using Penneo for HR purposes reduces the costs by 35000 DK per year.


• Unlocking the potential of digital transformation with Penneo

As mentioned before, handing the employer’s ID cards electronically for CPH airport was not possible until Gitte reached out to the Danish police and introduced the benefits of it:

  • Elevated security
  • Safe personal archive option
  • Security pro-causing in contracts
  • Sensitive data protection
  • Collecting data safely using forms: name, bank info, criminal records, next of kin
  • Better GDPR-compliance
  • Full audit trail, which is easily reportable when the auditors come knocking


The Danish police department is now fully digital when it comes to creating eIDs for CPH airport.

After having used Penneo for almost three years already at CPH, Gitte expresses the thrill of using less time tedious paperwork. The joyous practicality of all documentation is available for new employees from the moment they sign. As a result, the onboarding is now a better experience where the new employee also has control and an overview of the process. With Penneo, CPH has an effective and successful onboarding process through HR digitization.

Thanks to the collaboration with Penneo:

  • CPH saved approximately 35000 DKK per year on postage, envelopes, and paper.
  • 2700-2800 employment agreements have been successfully registered with Penneo.
  • Many hours have been saved on collecting candidate data safely and fast.
  • Safe personal archive; new and existing employees can keep track of all documents and contracts easily.
  • Elevated security: errors such as missing pages, documents, or signatures have now disappeared.



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