“When you want an efficient process, it’s crucial that you can make agreements with your debtors that can be signed simply, quickly, and effortlessly. Thus, digital signatures were a natural choice, and they have since become an indispensable tool for our debt collection workers.” – Michael Ringkvist, CEO at Danske Inkasso


About Danske Inkasso

With over 3,000 customers, Danske Inkasso is the largest Danish-owned debt collection agency and aims to provide a professional, efficient, and transparent service for its clients. Danske Inkasso is one of Denmark’s fastest-growing companies and has received the Børsen “Gazelle Award” for 6 years in a row.

In 2015, Danske Inkasso started to use Penneo’s digital signing software to improve customer experience, increase the number of signed payment authorizations and payments, and decrease debtors’ response times.




• Debtors are now responding within 24 hours

From sole proprietorships to large international groups, Danske Inkasso provides quality services and ensures customer satisfaction on all levels. To do that efficiently with 3,000+ customers is no easy job. Payment agreements need to be signed fast and debtors are looking for an easy and convenient way to do so.

For Danske Inkasso, Penneo was the logical choice. It makes it easier for our debtors to sign documents and we’ve noticed an increase in the number and the rate of signed payment agreements. Now, we usually get debt statements signed and debts repaid within only 24 hours. – Michael Ringkvist, CEO at Danske Inkasso


• Quick startup and smooth integration with Penneo

Danske Inkasso uses a variety of different tools and software that make their everyday tasks easier and help them issue payment agreements. Therefore, it was important for them to find a digital signature solution that could integrate with their existing system and adapt to their employees’ workflows.

Penneo could easily be integrated with our internal system and complemented it perfectly. The startup went smoothly and our employees were able to use it in a matter of minutes. – Michael Ringkvist, CEO at Danske Inkasso



• Danske Inkasso has significantly reduced debtors’ response times, hence most debt agreements are now signed and repaid within 24 hours.

• Danske Inkasso’s employees quickly got up to speed with Penneo’s software due to the simple and straightforward onboarding process.

• A smooth and uninterrupted digital signing flow due to the integration between Penneo and Danske Inkasso’s internal system.



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