“It used to take weeks to get agreements signed back to the office. But with Penneo, the process can be done in a matter of minutes. It’s so much more effective.” – Daniel Finetto, Head of HR Services at Eltel

Eltel Sweden


About Eltel Networks

Eltel Networks is a leading Nordic field service provider for communication and power networks, enabling a more sustainable and connected world today and for future generations.

Founded in 2001, Eltel has today more than 5400 employees and offices in seven countries.



The HR Administration team at Eltel Sweden had a large amount of manual work involving paperwork which was taking up too much of their time. They decided it was time to check the market for potential solutions.

When looking into their requirements, the HR team assessed that the right solution would be:

  • User-friendly: catering to the needs of all employees, across departments
  • GDPR-compliant: the HR team takes data privacy very seriously
  • Mobile-friendly: many employees are on the field daily so easy access across devices was essential



Coming highly recommended by their colleagues in Eltel Denmark, the HR team at Eltel Sweden decided to look into implementing Penneo Sign.

After initial discussions, it became clear that Penneo’s solution could provide Eltel with what they needed. A user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and GDPR-compliant tool that would enable them to digitalize many of the HR admin processes.

“The onboarding process was very good too – we started out with 5-6 users and are constantly adding more. We received a lot of help from the Penneo team during onboarding and we felt reassured at every step of the process.” – Daniel Finetto, Head of HR Services at Eltel

An additional benefit was Penneo’s integrations with several eIDs across the Nordics. Future employees would then be able to sign their employment contracts with their local eID, even though they might reside in other countries like Denmark or Finland.

Penneo & Eltel



After a successful implementation, most of the admin-related employee documentation is now being handled with Penneo – from employment agreements to confidentiality agreements and other contracts.

All documentation is kept in one place, which makes it easy to have a complete overview of processes – thus removing a big part of the manual work previously involved in this.

The HR team is already looking into broadening the use of Penneo to other types of processes and documentation. And they are also working with other departments to map out their processes, in order for them to start using Penneo in their document workflows too.

“We’re really happy with Penneo and with how user-friendly the system is. We received a lot of good feedback from others in the organization too, which is great. Everyone feels that everything is much smoother now.” – Daniel Finetto, Head of HR Services at Eltel



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