Goldwasser Exchange prides itself on offering its clients a great experience. The company is able to do so by providing personal, quality assistance, as well as by making life easier for its clients through automation.

Goldwasser Exchange wanted to make the process of opening an account as efficient and convenient as possible for its clients. While much of the process was automated, they were missing a digital signature solution that could make it 100% digital.

The company started researching digital signature providers and eventually decided to implement Penneo Sign.



One of the reasons Goldwasser Exchange chose Penneo Sign as its digital signing partner was due to the option of using Penneo’s API to build the solution into the company’s current flows.

One of the strengths of Penneo is the possibility of integrating and automating using the API and therefore being able to create really specific flows that are perfectly suited to our business. Jonathan Goldwasser, Managing Director at Goldwasser Exchange

Another reason was the platform’s user-friendliness. Working with private individuals, it was essential for Goldwasser Exchange that signing was easy and intuitive for its clients.

With Penneo Sign, Goldwasser Exchange can enable its clients to sign documents using itsme®, and therefore reap the benefits of signing digitally – efficiency, convenience, and security.

What we like about Penneo is the fact that you can sign a set of documents only once. Even if the client must sign in several places in a document, there is only one action to be done for the end client. And that was pretty important to us. Jonathan Goldwasser, Managing Director at Goldwasser Exchange



Today, Penneo’s digital signing solution is fully integrated into Goldwasser Exchange’s client onboarding process. Thanks to the automation, both Goldwasser Exchange and their clients are able to save significant amounts of time. Clients no longer have to print paper documents, sign them, and mail them back. And Goldwasser Exchange has removed much of the manual administrative work involved in opening a new account.

Usually, it took around 5 to 10 days to be able to finalize the account opening process. Today, thanks to Penneo, electronic signatures, and the automation that we have built, we can open accounts in less than 24 hours.Jonathan Goldwasser, Managing Director at Goldwasser Exchange

Goldwasser Exchange plans to expand its usage of Penneo Sign and further develop the integration to include all the instances when clients need to sign documents.


About Goldwasser Exchange

Goldwasser Exchange is a brokerage firm located in Belgium providing investment services to private clients. With more than thirty years of experience, the company is a key player in the Belgian financial landscape.

The company strives to provide quality services and peace of mind to its clients, guided by its values: simplicity and transparency.

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