“Previously, it could be time-consuming for our clients to sign documents. But with BankID being well-known in Norway there’s less hassle for our clients when they have to sign via Penneo, as they’re already used to BankID.” – Barbro H. Johansen, Head of Digital Innovation and IT at Haavind


About Advokatfirmaet Haavind

Haavind is one of Norway’s leading law firms, with more than 130 lawyers servicing some of the largest private companies in Norway, as well as state and municipal entities.

The company’s goal is to create added value for its customers, by providing the highest quality legal advice combined with solid industry knowledge.



Always striving to offer the best experience to its clients, Haavind acknowledged that the way documents were being exchanged with clients and other parties could be improved.

Previously, the company’s clients would either print, sign, and scan documents or use the touch screen function if they had a device available. This was not ideal, as it was time-consuming both for the clients having to sign and for Haavind having to wait longer to collect all signatures.



Haavind decided to implement Penneo Sign to streamline their workflows. With Penneo, Haavind can provide its clients and partners with a much smoother experience by signing digitally.

The platform’s dashboard provides a quick overview of status and progress – so the team at Haavind can easily follow up with clients and make sure deadlines are kept. All documents are stored securely in one location and are easily retrievable.

Additionally, Haavind has also received access to Penneo’s identity verification (KYC) form, thus being able to collect ID documentation and verify the identity of clients in compliance with AML/KYC regulations.

“It was very easy and quick to get started with Penneo. And it’s been an easy solution to learn how to use too. It’s helped us collect signatures and complete some processes much faster. ” – Barbro H. Johansen, Head of Digital Innovation and IT at Haavind



The implementation has been a successful one, with the team at Haavind finding Penneo an easy tool to learn and get started with. More than 50 users are currently active in the platform, and the solution is being used across the company by several departments. Everything from contracts and client transactions, to employment contracts, is now being handled via Penneo.

Penneo has provided Haavind with a much easier and safer way of validating identity, checking IDs, and signing all documentation digitally. And the company’s clients have gotten a better experience too.



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