“We used to spend a lot of time on administrative tasks such as signing documents. However, that has definitely changed since we started using Penneo. We now send the power of attorney documents and portfolio lease agreements for signature easily and efficiently. This facilitates numerous processes that benefit both our customers and the firm.” – Rune W. Sørensen, CEO at Miranova


About Miranova

Miranova offers wealth management services for individuals with a wealth of more than 2 million DKK. Their goal is to ensure their customers’ continued financial prosperity and security. Therefore, Miranova’s experts take the time to carefully examine each customer’s investments, retirement savings and provide tailor-made financial advice and solutions.


Penneo helped Miranova improve customer focus

Today, Miranova manages over 4 billion DKK. Thus, to better focus on core competencies, the company decided to adopt a digital signing and data collection solution.

By using Penneo, Miranova managed to remove the tedious manual work associated with fund brokerage. As a result, the company can now easily send agreements and other documents for digital signing.

Miranova has managed to increase productivity and reduce the time spent on administrative tasks. As a result, they can now allocate that time to better servicing their customers.


Optimizing business processes with Penneo

With Penneo, Miranova’s customers can sign contracts directly on their computers or smartphones. The signed documents then go to Miranova’s inbox. If the contracts are not signed yet, the system sends an automated reminder. Furthermore, Miranova can easily see the status of the document.

Do multiple people need to sign the documents? Penneo allows Miranova to set up custom signature flows to ensure the document reaches all the signatories in the right order. The best part is that the entire flow is automated!

Penneo has helped us optimize numerous business processes. Hence, we can only recommend other companies to try Penneo. – Rune W. Sørensen, CEO at Miranova

Miranova has saved a lot of time with the help of automation. The system makes sure that the documents are sent to all signatories and collects the signatures in the right order.



• Efficiency: Miranova can dedicate more time to customers and their needs.

• Automation: Miranova has a better overview of documents and their statuses.

• Ease of use: Miranova can easily send out portfolios to multiple signatories with the click of a button.



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