“Before using Penneo, it used to take 8 to 10 days for customers to send back the signed documents via post or e-mail. Since we implemented digital signature, we receive the signed documents within a maximum of 3 days. Sometimes, we even receive the signatures within a few hours!” – Anja Pettersson, Board Member & Property Manager at REAL Administration


About REAL Administration

REAL Administration is a Danish property management company that oversees both residential and commercial real estate. REAL Administration aims to take the stress out of property management and provide top-notch customer service. With over 3000 leases awaiting signatures every year, keeping track of documents quickly became a challenge for REAL’s property managers. As a result, REAL Administration decided to implement Penneo, a digital signing and AML/KYC compliance software.




• Significantly reduced contract turnaround time

Before implementing Penneo, REAL’s property managers were having a difficult time manually keeping track of over 3000 leases that required signatures. The company was sending the paperwork by snail mail, so there was no way to track the document status. Furthermore, REAL was receiving documents sporadically; some signatures arrived in a week while others took up to 2 weeks.

Penneo’s archive gives property managers a clear overview of all the documents being sent out and their status. The system also allows them to follow up with customers that haven’t signed yet by sending out automated reminder emails. The adoption of Penneo significantly decreased REAL’s turnaround time. It only takes 2-3 days to get documents signed and sent back with Penneo!


• Penneo’s customizations accomodate REAL Administration’s needs

To provide excellent service to its customers, REAL relies on both digital solutions and expert property managers. Therefore, it was crucial that Penneo seamlessly fit in the employees’ workflow. As a result, Penneo customized the software based on REAL’s requirements to ensure the best user experience.

The implementation of Penneo was smooth and effortless – it only took an afternoon to set up Penneo and REAL’s property managers started already using it the following day.

REAL Administration now has a clear overview of the documents. With Penneo, property managers can easily check if the leases were received, signed, or/and if the recipient has opened the automated reminder email.

Penneo helped REAL Administration cut down costs associated with paper, ink, and postage. By reducing the signature collection time, the company has managed to increase productivity.

Thanks to customization, Penneo’s solution seamlessly integrated into REAL Administration’s daily workflows. Penneo’s clean design and user-friendly interface ensured full adoption of the software among REAL’s property managers.



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