TFRS is an accounting firm that was confronted, like many in the industry, with the accumulation of paper documents and increasingly complex regulations.

The challenge that TFRS wanted to solve was to become 100% paperless and therefore digitalize its activities to reduce manual work and provide an even higher level of advice to their clients.

“In the last 10 years, our business has evolved so much that we have to adapt. Everything is becoming more and more complicated, there are a lot of administrative tasks and so we are forced to equip ourselves with certain programs in order to facilitate our tasks.” — Rafael Rodriguez, Partner at TFRS Accountancy

The other challenge for TFRS was to find a partner that would save them time, comply with industry regulations and that they could rely on to adapt to their needs.

“The tax system has become more complex, the programs we need today, we didn’t need them 10 years ago. Today, without the programs, it would not be feasible, so we really need good partners for our business.” — Rafael Rodriguez, Partner at TFRS Accountancy



TFRS values its customer relationships and after several researches, Penneo Sign is the solution they decided to test with 5 of their customers. The feedback was immediately very positive and TFRS decided to implement Penneo.

“I’ve contacted five clients who I’ve sent documents to sign via Penneo and they’ve all told me it’s very easy to use, saves them time and that’s what we’re looking for: to save time, money, and most importantly to have clients who are happy.” — Rafael Rodriguez, Partner at TFRS Accountancy



Penneo Sign was quickly adopted by all the firm’s employees as well as their clients, and today TFRS can pride itself on being 100% digital!

Thanks to signature flows, TFRS can collect signatures from different parties in a precise order and keep a complete overview of the entire process.

“That’s something I had asked Penneo, before sending a document to a client: is it possible to first sign it all internally before sending it to the client? This was possible with Penneo. This is good because the client receives an engagement letter signed by each partner. If you send a document and the client signs it first and doesn’t have the partners’ signatures, it looks unprofessional. I find that very helpful and it wasn’t possible with the other programs.” — Rafael Rodriguez, Partner at TFRS Accountancy

TFRS has nearly 480 companies and had to regularly remind them to sign a document on time to avoid sanctions.

With Penneo Sign, they can meet deadlines thanks to automatic reminders. They can decide when and how often they remind their customers to sign.

“Penneo allows us to send automatic emails and we can define when this reminder will be sent. Every 7 days, every 15 days, or every month, so we don’t have to send reminders manually or send several reminders. As we have 480 clients and we have to check all the companies, this saves us a lot of time. We save more or less 50 to 100 hours per year, just with the automatic reminders.” — Rafael Rodriguez, Partner at TFRS Accountancy

By reducing manual tasks and automating signature collection processes, TFRS has more time in its hands to grow its business and elevate its customer relationships.

“Our business is evolving very fast and it’s true that if we save time, we can spend it on something else. Acquiring new clients or helping existing clients manage their administrative tasks better, giving advice, so yes, it is essential to modernize our work to best support our clients.” — Rafael Rodriguez, Partner at TFRS Accountancy


About TFRS Accountancy

TFRS Accountancy assists its clients in all accounting and tax tasks, but also in setting up an accounting system adapted to the digital world.

The company serves around 480 companies and 200 self-employed people, and works with all types of companies, but is more specialized in Belgian SMEs.



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