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Penneo offers solutions especially designed to answer the needs of your industry. At Penneo, it is important to make sure that our products reply to the exact use from our customers.

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1500+ companies of different sizes and industries trust Penneo

Audit & Accounting

See how life gets easier for our customers in the accounting industry.

Human Resources

See how Penneo helps human resources managers to get employment contracts signed fast without having to print nor scan.

Property Management
See how Penneo helps property management to reduce use of large amounts of paperwork.
See how Penneo helps finance departments to digitalize customer cases and transactions.
Company Law
See how Penneo is very adaptive to lawyers' needs.
General Administration
See how more than 1500 companies are using Penneo every day on thousands of documents.

Penneo is an easy document management & signing solution for your company

1. Upload documents
2. Decide who signs and when
3. Enjoy the automatization
4. Get back your signed documents
5. Access and manage documents

Integrate Penneo with your current tools

Penneo works seamlessly with various systems and saves you precious time on repetitive tasks.

You can now import all agreements with a single click.

See our integrations

Penneo integrations
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