Digitize finance processes and improve customer experience

Penneo helps companies in the finance industry automate client-facing processes, so they can provide their customers with an end-to-end digital interaction.

Digital signature for the finance industry

We know that the finance sector is a competitive one and that digital transformation is paving the way forward. But not everyone might know where to start.

At Penneo, we help finance companies everywhere embrace digitization and use it proactively to improve customer interactions. Because we understand that good customer experience goes a long way in gaining competitive advantage.

500+ finance companies trust Penneo

Streamline the customer journey

Client identification & onboarding
  • Compliant KYC process
  • Secure web forms
  • Security assessments
Document transactions & workflows
  • Custom signing flows
  • Progress status and reminders
  • Audit trail
Document storage & management
  • Document and data encryption
  • Automatic data deletion
  • High security and compliance

Helping the finance industry automate processes across different business areas

Mie from Jyske Bank
"We chose Penneo due to the ability to bundle documents and because there is no limit on the number of signatories. We are very satisfied with both their support function and in fact our entire onboarding process, which has been a really good experience."
Mie from Jyske Bank

Jyske Bank optimizes signing processes with Penneo

Jyske Bank, the third largest bank on the Danish market, is actively embracing digitization in its daily business and has implemented Penneo to speed up processes and increase efficiency.

By implementing Penneo, Jyske Bank was able to:

Offer its business customers a modern experience by enabling them to sign documents digitally

Save time by automating manual tasks

Strengthen security & compliance when it comes to managing and storing documents

Increase efficiency & save costs

By moving away from paper-based transactions and automating your processes, you will increase productivity, save time, and reduce operational costs - while positively impacting the environment too!

We'll take care of the manual labor and you can focus on finding the best solutions to your clients' needs and improving the customer experience.

Security and compliance

Improve security & compliance

Penneo is built for security-conscious organizations within the finance industry. We are 3rd party certified at the highest security level, meaning that you can achieve the highest compliance level when storing and managing your documents via Penneo - and manage your internal compliance as well.

Penneo is compliant with several regulations like GDPR, eIDAS, and AML, and our KYC solution actively monitors the EU sanctions list so you don't have to.

Elevate customer experience

Provide your clients with the best service possible. With Penneo, your clients can securely identify themselves online and digitally sign documents at their convenience, from anywhere, and on any device.

Embrace the benefits of digital transformation and improve the way you interact with your customers by offering them a truly modern, digital experience.

Improved customer experience

Secure signing and identity authentication with eIDs via Penneo

At Penneo, we provide an efficient and secure solution that allows companies in the finance sector to manage digital transactions and document signing processes.

You can verify the identity of your customers in compliance with KYC and AML regulations, as well as manage other industry-specific security and compliance requirements when signing and managing documents digitally.


Automate recurring processes and save both time and costs while doing so. You can configure Penneo to fit your exact needs.

Progress overview
Automatic reminders
Routing scenarios & multi-signing

Progress overview

Keep better track of deadlines and your document transactions. Get the full overview of the documents' status, i.e. whether they're sent, signed or completed.

Automatic reminders

Schedule automatic reminders to make sure all documents get signed on time. You decide how often your customers should be reminded to sign.

Routing scenarios & multi-signing

Streamline the signature collection process with our automated document routing. Sign several documents at once with just one click.

Self-service forms

Change the way you collect and distribute customer information. Use our forms to simplify and automate manual labor related to data collection.

Identify your customers

Gather needed customer identification information for your KYC process in a secure way. Our KYC solution enables you to automate the client onboarding process.

Collect customer information

Make it easy for your customers to give you the data you need. Use our form templates and set them up on your website, in an email or wherever your customers are.

Pre-populate forms

Pre-populate forms with information you already have on your customers and collect only what you need. You can distribute retrieved data into your workflows.

Identify your customers
Collect customer information
Pre-populate forms
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