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Kasper from Beierholm

"After a year of collaboration with Penneo, we saved 4 million pieces of paper, we expect to save 4 times more in the future."

Kasper from Beierholm

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In the archive you have an overview of all your case files. You can see who has already received, opened and signed and who has gotten an automatic reminder. With that it gets easier to get cases completed and filed with the Authorities in time. It is also an easy way to keep track of all your documents.

A smooth implementation directly on your website

A lot of companies are using Penneo as part of their self service platform. It provides their customers the opportunity to fill out and sign standard webforms directly on the website. Penneo also provides more than 500 webforms that can be customized. A much better user experience for your customers and a much easier and faster case handling for your colleagues.

Smooth and simple implementation
Know Your Customer (KYC)

Legitimize your customers in 5 minutes

If your company is subject to the Anti-Money Laundering Act you have probably asked your customers to scan copies of their passports, Drivers License or similar ID. It is both cumbersome, time consuming and insecure. With Penneo your customers can handle everything using their National E-ID directly from their computer or smartphone and still adhere to the AML/KYC rules.

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Penneo works seamlessly with various systems and saves you precious time on repetitive tasks.

You can now import all agreements with a single click.

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At Penneo, we work a lot with compliance and legal aspects. Although e-signature is well-democratized nowadays and can potentially be submitted as evidence in any law process, only advanced types of signature will provide a good assurance with important information such as signer's identity and document authenticity. Signatures made with Penneo, combined with authentication system and high security are more compliant because of the legally recognized evidences it contains.

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At Penneo, we work hard to make sure our solution is the safest possible. From authentication to encryption, everything we provide is following the highest security standards. Penneo needs to be irreproachable on both technical and operational safety. The technical safety concerns the principles and technologies used to produce the signed document while the operational security concerns security in hosting, data processing and internal security procedures.

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