Automate general administration manual processes and increase overall efficiency

Streamline the way you manage and sign documents, from corporate governance documentation to annual general meeting minutes. Digitizing document transactions will benefit both internal and external stakeholders.

Digital signature for general administration


We know that working with general administration, you often deal with document-heavy processes involving many stakeholders, which can end up taking a lot of time.

At Penneo, we help general administration departments everywhere to digitize document transactions and workflows in an efficient, secure, and compliant way. Less time spent on manual work means increased productivity, saved time, and reduced operational costs.

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Optimize your business processes

Client identification & onboarding
  • Compliant KYC process
  • Secure web forms
  • Security assessments
Document transactions & workflows
  • Custom signing flows
  • Progress status and reminders
  • Audit trail
Document storage & management
  • Document and data encryption
  • Automatic data deletion
  • High security and compliance

Helping general administration departments automate processes across business areas

Online self-service solutions

Simplify online self-service solutions

Offer your clients and stakeholders a modern way to engage with you and provide you with information in a secure and compliant way.

Enable your stakeholders to fill in and submit web forms directly on your website via Penneo. The collected information will automatically land in your Penneo archive, so you can easily take action.

You can redistribute the collected data into relevant workflows and optimize your general administration processes even further.

Digitize your document transactions

Forget all about stacks of paperwork and spending time on manual administrative work.

Send and sign company governance policies, articles of association, AGM documents, and more with Penneo - it's easier, faster, and more secure. Thanks to our custom signing flows, you can make sure your documents will be signed in the right order by the right people - in one go.

Get the full overview of your documents transactions and their status, and make sure you never miss a deadline again.

Document transactions
Identity verification

Automate identity verification processes

If your company is subject to the Anti-Money Laundering Act, you've probably asked your clients to scan copies of their passports or other IDs. This is both time-consuming and insecure.

With Penneo, you can provide your clients with a seamless digital onboarding experience using our KYC solution.

All you have to do is request the needed documentation, and our system will guide your clients through the process. Everything is end-to-end encrypted, of course.

Agri Nord automates signing processes with Penneo

Agri Nord, an association that provides consultancy services to the agribusiness community in Denmark, is using Penneo to optimize document management and signing processes.

By implementing Penneo, Agri Nord was able to:

Increase efficiency and reduce the time spent on manual signing processes

Gain a clear overview of all documents sent and their statuses

Significantly cut down paper, ink, and postage costs

Anders from Agri Nord

There are often several signatories that have to sign documents in a specific order. The order and signatories differ from document to document. Penneo's digital signature system allows us to automate these signing flows and saves us the manual work.

Anders from Agri Nord

With Penneo, you will...

Increase efficiency & save costs

Digitizing your document transactions and automating workflows will help you increase productivity, save time, and reduce operational costs - and it's much better for the environment too.

Improve security & compliance

Collect, store, and manage client data in a secure and compliant way. You can achieve the highest compliance level when handling documents via Penneo - and manage internal compliance as well.

Elevate customer experience

Offer your clients the best service possible. With Penneo, your clients can securely identify themselves online and sign documents at their convenience, from anywhere, and on any device.

Secure signing & identity authentication with eIDs via Penneo

At Penneo, we provide an efficient and secure solution for managing digital transactions and document signing processes.

You can verify the identity of your customers in compliance with KYC and AML regulations, as well as manage other industry-specific security and compliance requirements when signing and managing documents digitally.


Automate time-consuming administrative tasks and save both time and costs while doing so. You can configure Penneo to fit your needs.

Progress overview
Automatic reminders
Routing scenarios

Progress overview

Keep track of all your document transactions in one place. Easy overview of which documents have been opened, are pending signatures or have been signed.

Automatic reminders

Set up automatic reminders to make sure all the contracts get signed on time. You decide when and how often clients and stakeholders should be reminded to sign.

Routing scenarios

Streamline the signature collection process with our automated document routing. Make sure all documents are signed in the right order by the right people.


With a digital signature, you will significantly reduce the time it takes to get documents signed. Your clients get a better experience too.

Identity validation

Confirm your clients' identity in a secure way. With Penneo, the intended signer of a document is the only person who can actually sign that document.


Save your clients the hassle of having to sign each document individually. With multi-signing, you can combine several documents into one transaction, and only have to sign once.

Personal archive

Your clients get their own archive where all their documents are safely stored and can easily be found at any time. The archive is personal and accessible to them only.

Identity validation
Personal archive
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