Penneo helps human resources managers to get employment contracts signed fast without having to print nor scan.

More than 1500 HR-departments are using Penneo every day on thousands of hiring contracts, declarations and supplements.

Anders from ATP

"We get the signature much faster now. 90% are actually in the same day"

Anders from ATP

1500+ HR departments trust Penneo

Power up your HR processes with Penneo

Power up your HR process

Once the right candidate is found, it is important to get the employment contract signed quickly. With digital signature you can get the contract signed and returned in a few minutes. And of course you can attach staff manual, employment terms and similar documents, so the new colleague is completely up-to-date before starting.

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Keep track of the contracts

It is usually up to the HR team to keep track of the employees and what contracts and agreements they have signed. In the archive you have an overview of all your case files. You can see who has already received, opened and signed and who might still be missing.

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Automatic reminders

Automatic reminders

When staff terms and conditions needs updating, you want to make sure everyone signs. This often means that you need to spend a lot of energy on follow-up although you could probably spend your time more efficiently. Penneo will take care of it for you and automatically send out reminders until all signatures are in.


Integrate Penneo with your current tools

Penneo works seamlessly with various systems and saves you precious time on repetitive tasks.

You can now import all agreements with a single click.

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Any document should be signed with Penneo

Penneo for HR departments

At Penneo, we work a lot with compliance and legal aspects. Although e-signature is well-democratized nowadays and can potentially be submitted as evidence in any law process, only advanced types of signature will provide a good assurance with important information such as signer's identity and document authenticity. Signatures made with Penneo, combined with authentication system and high security are more compliant because of the legally recognized evidences it contains.

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At Penneo, we work hard to make sure our solution is the safest possible. From authentication to encryption, everything we provide is following the highest security standards. Penneo needs to be irreproachable on both technical and operational safety. The technical safety concerns the principles and technologies used to produce the signed document while the operational security concerns security in hosting, data processing and internal security procedures.

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