Get employment contracts signed faster and improve the employee journey

We help you speed up contract signing and automate manual human resources processes, so you can spend your time on what matters: providing a great employee experience.

Penneo for human resources departments

We know that when working with human resources, the most exciting part of the job is finding great talent and helping employees grow - but you can often end up spending most of your time on administrative tasks.

At Penneo, we help human resources professionals just like you to automate and optimize processes, so you can focus on attracting and retaining talent, as well as improving the employee experience.

+1500 HR departments trust Penneo

Streamline the employee lifecycle

Candidate identification & onboarding
  • Collect Candidate Data
  • eID authentication
  • Send onboarding materials
Document transactions & workflows
  • Sign contracts digitally
  • Custom signing flows
  • Progress status and reminders
Document storage & management
  • Automatic data deletion
  • GDPR compliance
  • Secure storage

Helping HR departments automate processes across core functions

Digitize the recruitment  processes

Digitize the recruitment processes

Finding the right person's only half the job - the experience you deliver to a candidate between sending them an offer and getting the contract back signed matters a lot too.

Streamline data collection and contract signing with Penneo. Use our secure forms to collect candidate data in an efficient and compliant way and send and sign employment contracts digitally — it's fast and easy.

Our digital signature is legally binding, ensures the identity of the signer, and captures consent as per GDPR requirements.

Improve the onboarding and offboarding experience

Your company's ambassadors are the current and former employees, so make sure they have an easy transition both in and out of the company.

Send onboarding materials to new employees via Penneo — they can read and sign company policies and guidelines when it suits them. You can also send exit surveys and collect valuable feedback.

Provide employees with a great experience, while automating your processes and saving time on manual work.

Improve the onboarding and offboarding experience
Optimize the employee management processes

Optimize the employee management processes

Spend your time supporting employees on their journey and helping them grow professionally — leave the manual work to us.

Whether it's a bonus agreement to a handful of people or an updated IT policy that needs to be signed by the entire company, with Penneo it's easy to keep track of the status of each document and send automatic reminders to the employees who have not yet signed their agreement.

All your employee documentation stored safely in one place, easily accessible, and GDPR-compliant.

CPH Airport embraces HR digitization with Penneo

The human resources department at CPH Airport has implemented the Penneo solution to help them optimize their signing processes.

Thanks to the collaboration with Penneo:

2700+ employment agreements have successfully been handled via Penneo

Around 5000€ have been saved on postage, paper, and envelopes per year

Security and compliance have been improved, and personal data is now collected in a secure way


“There are so many great elements; such as the ‘no more hassle’ with time, the environmental awareness behind it - all the paper we save, and small things like that there is no need to collect names and address for a mailbox, shipping - all you need is a proper email.”

Gitte Groth
Personnel Consultant, CPH Airport

With Penneo, you will...

Increase efficiency & save costs

Signing contracts digitally is easier, faster, and more convenient. Penneo helps you increase efficiency, while saving costs on ink, paper, and postage. And it's much better for the environment too.

Improve security & compliance

Collect, store, and manage employee data and documentation in a GDPR compliant way through our secure platform. You can also set up automatic data deletion - managing compliance is easy with Penneo.

Elevate candidate experience

Provide both candidates and employees with a fast and efficient signing experience. With Penneo, they can sign any document at their convenience, from anywhere, and on any device.

Secure signing and identity authentication with eIDs via Penneo

We have integrations available with several national eIDs, meaning we can provide an efficient and secure solution for managing your digital transactions and document signing processes.

With Penneo, human resources departments can verify the identity of the candidate signing the employment contract, capture consent, and manage employee data in a secure way.


Automate recurring processes and save both time and costs while doing so. You can configure Penneo to fit your exact needs.

Progress overview

Keep track of all your contracts and other documents in one place. Easy overview of which documents have been opened, are pending signatures, or have been signed.

Automatic reminders

Setup automatic reminders to make sure all the contracts get signed on time. You decide when and how often candidates or employees should be reminded to sign.

Routing scenarios & multi-signing

Define signing rules and make sure each contract is signed in the right order by the right people. Sign several documents at once with just one click.

Progress overview
Automatic reminders
Routing scenarios & multi-signing


Delivering a personal experience matters. Customize email communication and add your brand elements to the Penneo platform to make it yours.

Custom emailing
Custom branding
Form templates

Custom emailing

Offer candidates a personalized experience. Our email templates are easy to use, and you can customize the messaging to fit your company and include personal messages.

Custom branding

Make the Penneo platform yours. You can add your company logo, colors or customized email signatures and strengthen internal branding.

Form templates

Build your own form templates to collect the candidate data you need. Distribute data automatically to your workflows and save time.

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