“The debtor is already in a chaotic and out of control situation, so coming up with a complicated solution won’t be of any help. People are used to authenticating with MitID in their everyday lives and see it as a secure digital solution. At the same time, it is much easier for debtors to sign the debt agreements directly on their smartphones.” – Jeannie Rosenvinge, Sergel Group’s Head of Payments and Collection


About Sergel Group

Sergel Group is one of the leading providers of credit management services for companies and organizations in Scandinavia and the Baltics. Sergel Group focuses on helping debtors by making their experience as hassle-free as possible – and that’s where Penneo comes in.


Helping the debtor while also ensuring GDPR compliance

For Sergel, the first step towards getting a debt repaid is to draft a written repayment agreement together with the debtor.

We need an agreement. Of course, we also have to collect the debt, but we know there are many debtors who cannot pay immediately. When that happens, we do our best to help them. That includes establishing a clear and legally binding payment agreement. – Jeannie Rosenvinge, Sergel Group’s Head of Payments and Collection

Looking for a way to improve their signature workflows, Sergel Group implemented Penneo’s digital signing and data collection software. The results were apparent within a month.

We got 30% more agreements signed – the whole process is much faster and easier. – Jeannie Rosenvinge, Sergel Group’s Head of Payments and Collection

With Penneo, Sergel Group can now easily contact a debtor at the end of the month and already start the agreement at the beginning of the next month. It only takes a few days to collect signatures and start debt repayment procedures. Penneo also takes care of the follow-up process (by sending out automatic email reminders) which allows Sergel Group to allocate more time to their customers’ needs.

Last but not least, the repayment agreements that Sergel Group sends out contain highly sensitive information. Therefore, it is crucial that only the debtor (and no one else) has access to the documents. Penneo allows documents to be locked for everyone except a specific person which means only that person can unlock them by authenticating with his MitID. Hence, only the debtor has access to the document. This ensures both GDPR compliance and that the agreement ends up in the right hands for signing.



• It is now easier and faster to send and sign debt repayment agreements, so the contract is now signed in only a few days.

• Automatic email reminders take care of the follow-up process and ensure that the signatures are received on time.

• All documents sent by Sergel Group are now protected, end-to-end encrypted, and securely stored on Penneo’s cloud-based platform which makes the company GDPR compliant.

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