How it works

Watch the video "Penneo – Digital Signatures with NemID" (2:08)

Have documents signed quickly, easily and securely

  1. You upload your document(s) and click ‘send’

  2. Your counterpart receives an email where they can sign with NemID

  3. Penneo automatically has everyone sign in the correct order

  4. Once all the signatures have been collected, all the parties receive the signed document via email

Watch the video to the left to see how easy it is.

Logo and colors

You can quickly and easily set up your portal with your own logo and colors, so that your customers feel the security and familiarity of your brand.

Multi Signing

Penneo can handle multiple signers and roles, and is capable of specifying the order of the signatures. For example, the buyer can sign before the seller or the management before the auditor.

Automatic Reminders

Penneo makes it easy to remind customers and colleagues that there is a document ready to be signed. Also, you can choose how often the Penneo will send out reminders.

CPR Validation

With Penneo, CPR validations can be used to legitimize your customers’ identities without the use of a passport or drivers license, in accordance with the money laundering legislation.

Is it secure?

Data security is our absolute highest priority

At Penneo we take data security very seriously. Our data centers are ISAE3402, ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified, they are located in the EU, and our security level has earned the raring of “High” by the independent Alexandra Institute.

All documents in Penno are encrypted with the standards recommended by ETSL in Europe, and NIST in the USA. Also all Penneo employees undergo periodic background checks. We are not hesitant to say that we have our security in order.

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Is it legal?

According to the Danish Act of 1683, an agreement is binding if it is made with “mouth, hand and seal”. The Danish Ministry of Justice added that,”… a digital signature in general is equivalent to an ordinary paper-based signature” (parliament release 1456-2004) – as it should be.

If you have more questions, or would like to see further documentation, we have compiled an overview of existing laws when it comes to digital signatures.

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