We are Penneo

It started back in 2012

Dreaming of changing the world and "getting people to sign papers in a faster and safer way" 3 Danish entrepreneurs went into the lab back in 2012. They might not have been chasing the world's greatest revolution, however, the hassle of signing papers is a problem that most companies acknowledge. With Danish NemID as the key, they aimed to create a software product that could use ​​national eID's as the signing method that would replace pen and paper. In 2013 they were ready to launch and Penneo the company was founded.

The first pioneers

Accountants, Lawyers and Real Estate companies were among the first who wanted in. Later came the Finance industry with Leasing companies, Banks and Insurance. With a shared dream of powering up annual reports, settlement papers, bonds, vendor & leasing contracts etc. we built a platform where customers and clients can easily sign in a fast and safe way.

Second wave

About 500 Danish companies joined during the next 3 years. They are still mostly in the traditional "suit and tie" industries, but also production companies, municipalities and public institutions, trade unions etc. have chosen to go with Penneo. And they use it. A lot. Everything from employment contracts to corporate customer forms are now being handled 100% digitally. Why download a web form, print and fill out by hand when it can all be done directly on the computer or smartphone? More customers come on board every day, and it seems that they love Penneo almost as much as we love them.

Sweden, Norway & Finland

It’s time to expand our neighbourhood. Companies in Sweden, Norway and Finland have now been given the opportunity to digitise their everyday lives. Here they sign with BankID and Tupas instead of NemID, but otherwise the possibilities and advantages are the same. Their customers are served faster and easier. The companies get an optimised workflow, save money and suddenly appear a little more modern in the eyes of their customers. A little more digital.

Join the trip?

Wanna be part of our journey into the future? There are almost 20 boys and girls - all happy and cool - on the Penneo crew now and and they can almost guarantee you that you will like it here. Welcome to Penneo.


(The guys you call to buy something)

André Clement

Head of sales

E-mail: ac@penneo.com
Phone: (+45) 6166 2066

Dennis Højland Mortensen

Sales Consultant

E-mail: dm@penneo.com
Phone: (+45) 6054 4468

Jakob Woll

Sales Consultant

Mail: jaw@penneo.com
Telefon: (+46) 734 13 87 26

Jesper Korsbæk Jensen

Sales Consultant

Mail: jj@penneo.com
Telefon: (+45) 4246 5042

Joachim Sørensen

Sales Consultant

Mail: js@penneo.com
Telefon: (+47) 4800 6981

Mikkel Siegmann Jensen

Sales Consultant

E-mail: msj@penneo.com
Phone: (+45) 2210 4848

Nanna Kjær Jensen

På barselsorlov indtil august 2018

Zeb von Schantz

Sales Consultant

Mail: zs@penneo.com
Telefon: (+46) 73 823 05 02

Øyvind Dyrnes

Sales Consultant

Mail: od@penneo.com
Telefon: (+45) 71747284

Customer Journey

(The guys that make sure our awesome customers stay awesome)

Maria Guardiola Munoz

Tech Support

Mail: mm@penneo.com
Telefon: (+45) 7174 7562

Marianne Prytz

Sales consultant

Mail: mp@penneo.com
Telefon: (+45) 4268 3553

Mikkel Clausen

Market Consultant

Mail: mc@penneo.com
Telefon: (+45) 6020 4001

Mikkel Diurhuus

Tech Support

Mail: mdi@penneo.com
Telefon: (+45) 7174 7340

Morten Bruun

Tech Support

E-mail: mb@penneo.com
Phone: (+45) 2063 5259


(The guys that build the machine)

Ahmad Raja

Backend Developer

E-mail: ar@penneo.com
Phone: (+45) 7199 9807

Alejandro Ricoveri

Infrastructure engineer

E-mail: ajr@penneo.com
Phone: (+45) 2594 4165

Jan Flora


E-mail: jf@penneo.com
Phone (+45) 7199 5558

Jesús Otero

Frontend Developer

E-mail: jo@penneo.com
Phone: (+45) 2594 0167

Lukasz Koziarski

Junior Frontend Engineer

E-mail: lk@penneo.com
Phone: (+45) 5032 9734

Nael Rashdeen

Junior Backend Developer

Mail: nr@penneo.com
Telefon: (+45) 2685 4900

Teodor Costica

Junior Backend Developer

Mail: tc@penneo.com
Telefon: (+45) 7158 1608

William Bech

Junior Frontend Engineer

E-mail: wb@penneo.com
Phone: (+45) 5217 7252


Christian Trolle Andersen

Operations Manager and Legal Counsel

E-mail: ct@penneo.com
Phone: (+45) 4024 5510

Christina Andersen

Finance Assistant

Mail: ca@penneo.com
Telefon: (+45) 2160 9060

Thomas Kiledal

HR Intern

Mail: tk@penneo.com

El Jefe

(The guy shouting and pointing)

Janek Borgmann


E-mail: jb@penneo.com
Phone: (+45) 3030 8007


(The guys who keep us on course)

Anders Tvegaard

Board Member

Nicolaj Højer Nielsen

Board Member

Niels Henrik Rasmussen


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