1. You upload your documents

Upload one, or more documents to Penneo. Insert the name and e-mail address of the signee(s). Click send.
It’s that simple!

2. The counterpart signs with NemID

The signee receives and email with a link to the sent document, which can be proofread and signed. As the sender, you can follow the process at all times and can, for example, see if the signee has opened the e-mail, read it, or signed the document, all with precise time-tracking.

3. Penneo automatically has everyone sign in the correct order

The system can handle multiple signatures and roles, as well as specific orders in which signatures should be signed. For example, the buyer can sign before the seller, or management before accountant. More than 100 different standard templates are available, with specifically targeted workflows. We can also customize a flow which is tailor-made to your company.

4. You receive your signed document

When all parties have signed, a copy of the signed document is sent to everyone, via e-mail. A copy is also saved in Penneo’s secure document archive. If a special file management system is used, it is likely that the document can automatically be saved there.

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Penneo at an accountant’s office

See how life gets easier for our customers in the accounting industry.

Penneo is built for accountants. We can easily and automatically handle complicated workflows, for example, financial statements

Penneo has in-built templates for most standard workflows, so you only have to provide us with the name and e-mail of the director, chairman of the board, the accountant etc., the system handles the rest, in the correct order.

More than 100 clients in the accounting industry enjoy our service

Penneo for Human Resources

Processing of contracts and other HR documents can be handled quickly and easily.

Penneo is perfect for gathering signatures for employment contracts and can also handle mass distribution. Upload an Excel file with names, addresses, employment dates, job titles and any other necessary information, and let Penneo add them to the contract template.

Click send, and let Penneo ensure that all contracts are sent, digitally signed and returned to all parties. Your signees can even add personal data, for example, account number, attached background check, etc., before the documents are signed.

Penneo for Law, Property and Debt Collection

See how workflows are shortened and how you save money

If you work with rental contracts, transfer agreements, reports, voluntary mediation or similar, then you know how tedious it can be to obtain signatures.

Our clients experience that they, more frequently and noticeably quicker, receive signatures in-house. At the same time, they are at ease as they always know who has received, read and signed their documents.

Also, if you don’t have time to follow up on the signatures yourself, Penneo will send a reminder if a signature is holding up the process.

Penneo for Sales Departments

Optimize your sales process with Penneo.

When a signature makes the difference between a won or lost sale, it’s best to get the signature promptly. With Penneo, you can obtain your client’s signature while you have them on the phone.

Our clients receive signed purchase agreements, leasing contracts etc., without waiting time and with 100% security that the person whose name is written in the document, is also the person who has signed.

Penneo for Finance and Leasing

Shorten the path from thought to action.

Let your customers digitally sign leasing contracts, consultancy agreements, custody arrangements, prospectuses etc., and appear as the innovative and modern company you are.

It’s both easy and quick for you and your customers.

Penneo for CPR Validations

Make person validation in regards to the money laundering legislation, easy for your company.

If you are subject to the money laundering legislation (for example, in property administration, accounting firms or law firms), you know the hassle of getting your customers to make a copy of their passport and driver’s license.

NemID is accepted by the Financial Services Authority for validating in regards to the money laundering legislation. You simply insert your e-mail address and CPR number, Penneo will then send an e-mail where your customers can validate their identity, by just using NemID.

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