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You can get Penneo directly as a web-application, integrated in Windows, or build your own integrations.

We also work with some of Denmark’s biggest supplier systems, which makes it possible to have fully integrated experience with the systems you already use today. You can see a selection of suppliers below.

If you wish to have Penneo integrated in a system you use, please contact us.


Wolters Kluwer

Tailor-made for accounting firms. ClientView provides you and your employees with a clear overview of clients, documents, status lists and who is responsible for which cases. With Penneo for ClientView, you can send documents for digital signatures, directly from the case folder.


Advo+ is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It supports all Law Firm workflows, and makes weekday’s easier for both partners, lawyers and caseworkers. With Penneo inbuilt, you can send documents to be signed directly from the system.

Unik System Design

Unik Advosys is a complete solution for lawyers, with focus on case management and document handling for Law Firms.
Since launching in 1995, Unik Advosys has undergone continuous development and optimization, so the solution optimally supports Law Firm workflows, secretary work and in many scenarios also the lawyer’s assignments.


The Danish Caseware solution is an IT system developed for accountants and is fitted to the Danish market and laws in association with Danish Accountants / FSR. In collaboration with ‘Beirholm Revision’, Penneo has developed an integration with Caseware, which we provide for all our clients –without extra costs.


Prosedo offers property administrations and housing associations a simple website solution, which includes sharing and distributing documents, news, and financial data directly with residents.


Canon’s solution ‘Therefore’, quickly improves effectivity with a document management system that is easy to implement, and that provides everyone with speedy and secure access to all the information they need.

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