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”We think that the system is easy and user-friendly. It provides far more security, and the process in which signatures are collected gets much quicker.”

”We have optimized our processing time and experienced a significant increase in deals. We have also decreased our expenses for printing and delivery.”

“Becoming digital has made a difference for us. It has fully lived up to our expectations, and we will definitely recommend this to others.”

“We use Penneo for most of our debt statements and installment plans. The results are extremely impressive.”

“With Penneo and signatures through NemID, we now experience that a leasing case can be finalized within an hour or two.”

“There is security, control and a handle on the whole process – I’ve gotten more peace of mind.”

“We chose Penneo because it’s extremely easy to learn and very intuitive to use.”

“Penneo has fully lived up to our expectations, and we would very much like to recommend Penneo to others.”

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