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With Penneo, signing is 100% digital. Long story short, you can get your documents signed without using paper. It's better for the environment, faster, easier and on top of it, much more secure and compliant.

Penneo features & benefits

Automation guarantees that recurrent signing processes are executed smoothly. Many companies have a lot of repetitive and time consuming tasks. With Penneo most of these tasks can be automated and gathered in one place.

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Signing documents digitally is a core part of any business with up to date procedures. That's why it should be easy and functional to do it. Even if it is not only about signing, it is essential to provide the best features when it comes to signing.

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A great software should be easily integrated with other great software. Strong integrations allow to automate business processes and avoid the risk of human error. Integrations are out of the box and can also be made without writing a single line of code.

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Business is personal, especially in lines of business that makes a living off from personal relationship and trust with customers. Delivering a personal experience matters. Having ownership of both email communication and signing experience is a must for customers.

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Self-service forms
Filling in information and signing forms can be a hassle. Post processing collected data is often even worse and require an intensive manual labor force. Making forms processed digitally facilitate signature flows and data post-processing.

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Workflows shouldn't just sit unattended, because a colleague leaves for vacation. Documents often needs to be shared with colleagues or people outside your organization. Keep control with the access permissions to the documents at all times.

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Compliance with every legal aspect linked with high security result as indisputable proof of authenticity. Advanced types of signature like cryptographic signature provide a good assurance with important information such as signer's identity.

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Sensitive and business critical data need to be managed with high care and security. From authentication to encryption, everything provided is following the highest security standards. Assuring that security is impeccable is a daily effort.

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Reporting and keeping documentation about signing processes are as important as signing processes themselves. Offering good reporting tools is vital for businesses in order to understand how big role digital signature is playing.

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