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With Penneo, signing is 100% digital. Long story short, you can get your documents signed without using paper. It's better for the environment, faster, easier and on top of it, much more secure and compliant.


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Automate recurring processes and save both time and costs while doing so. You can configure Penneo to fit your exact needs.

With a digital signature, you will significantly reduce the time it takes to get documents signed. Your clients get a better experience too.


Take advantage of our integration capabilities to reduce time spent on manual data entry and transfers and boost productivity.

Delivering a personal experience matters. Customize email communication and add your brand elements to the Penneo platform to make it yours.
Self-service forms
Change the way you collect and distribute customer information. Use our forms to simplify and automate manual labor related to data collection.

Manage deadlines and improve collaboration. Create teams, assign roles and privileges, ease task delegation, and streamline communication.

Manage client data in a compliant way. You can achieve the highest compliance level when handling documents via Penneo - and manage internal compliance as well.

Protect your data and documents. Personalize the security level for access, sharing, data confidentiality before sending documents out for signing.


Keep track of your document transactions in one place and improve reporting. Access monthly reports to get a full overview of your documents and their status.

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