Automation guarantees that recurrent signing processes are executed smoothly while making sure to gain in productivity.


The automated process of digital signing eliminates many sequential steps each time a document needs a signature. Penneo's configuration Is customer built so that each document is different and unique but can be reused for similar cases. The Individual archive provides a full overview and progress status of all documents, while automatic reminders notifies delays of signing. The automated process thereby minimizes tasks and increases efficiency, for each Individual signing digitally with Penneo.

Progress Overview

Gain a managerial overview and follow the progress of sent out documents easily. Enter your personal archive and get a full traceability of documents being sent, opened, activated, completed or signed.

Penneo archive
Penneo automatic reminders

Automatic Reminders

Make sure to get documents back fast and signed. Stay on track with deadlines by scheduling automatic reminders. Set a due date for it to be sent out, or use the automatic reminder to give participants a notification and new link to sign in.

Routing scenarios

Structure the process of collecting signatures by creating an automated contract route for signing documents and have a predefined signing process ready.

Set up signing workflows with Penneo


Form templates

Email templates

Penneo form templates
Penneo email templates


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