Workflows shouldn't just sit unattended, because a colleague leaves for vacation. Documents often needs to be shared with colleagues or people outside your organization.


Gain efficiency and speed up approval processes by inviting collaborators to join business documents and workflows. Give access so that teams, departments and divisions can share files and data with each other. This also guarantees that projects won't be affected if a colleague leaves for vacation.

Workflow Collaboration

Improve effectiveness on joint tasks by removing the communication barriers between departments and divisions. Share documents, tasks or collaborative workflows and achieve synergetic efficiency.

Improved workflows through digital collaboration
Collaborative file and document sharing

Sharing Documents

Share documents with collaborators and give access to them from anywhere in the world. Internal and external collaborators can view and forward files or folders, depending on the permission given to them.


Arrange and create teams across departments or divisions by sharing documents and processes connected to specific projects. Add or remove collaborators in the workflow at any time and avoid delays.

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