Unlock the benefits of collaboration and achieve better results

Create teams, assign roles and privileges, ease task delegation, and streamline communication.



Gain efficiency and speed up approval processes by inviting collaborators to join business documents and workflows. Give access so that teams, departments and divisions can share files and data with each other. This also guarantees that projects won't be affected if a colleague leaves for vacation.

User Management

Add new team members, assign their roles, or delete stale users. Role-based access control allows you to provide your employees with varying levels of access based on their roles and responsibilities.

User management
Shared folders

Shared folders

Share folders with your team members. You can control whether they can edit, manage, or only view the documents in the shared folder. When you share a folder with someone, they will be able to see it in their own archive.

Data ownership and transfer

Transfer data ownership. If someone leaves your organization, you can easily transfer all the documents they own to another user. If you don't select any user, the documents will be automatically transferred to you.

Data ownership and transfer

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