Advanced types of signature like cryptographic signature provide a good assurance with important information such as signer's identity.


Sharing data between companies that work to high standards demonstrates reliability and accountability for your business. Penneo offers compliant ways of automation, managing and digital certifications to your signers in real-time at the time of signing.

Secure identification

With Penneo, you can safely send cases out, even with private information in the documents. When you create a case file, you can put validation on the individual case, so that it is the correct signer who signs the document. Penneo's high level of security ensures that no one else can access a signed document.

Secure identity verification
Secure data deletion

Data Deletion

The data deletion requires that data is only collected for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and Penneo is obliged to delete data if this is no longer the case.

This demands strict data retention policies and procedures to track and trace this data. In legal cases judges can demand that organizations take measures to ensure the preservation of all data related to the case.

Protection and Proof

Tamper-Sealed Protection

If someone tries to change any part of the document (even something as simple as deleting one letter or spacing) then there is proof that this happened. With Penneo documents can be added an audit trail along with cryptographic signature evidence from the moment the document is created.

Validity Proof

A typical approach to maintain the validity of digital signatures as non-repudiation evidence relies on the existence of an online trusted time-stamping authority. Each newly generated digital signature will be time-stamped by a time-stamping authority so that the trusted time of signature generation can be identified.

Audit trail
Trusted digital signature timestamp

Protection and Proof

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