A great solution should be easily integrated with other softwares. Strong integrations allow to automate business processes and avoid the risk of human error.


Strong integrations between multiple softwares can massively reduce the amount of time you spend on data entry and boost your productivity. Penneo also have API integrations with unlimited custom possibilities to support automations and signer identities.

Industry Integrations

Accountants, HR departments, lawyers use some similar specialized tools to run their daily operations. On a general basis, Penneo can adapt easily to any tool already in place on our customers side. But we also have some direct integrations with some of the most popular tools and software to make sure that processes; such as employee journey, annual report or engagement letters are even smoother. You can check some of our partner integrations here.

Penneo partner integrations
Penneo API integrations

API Integrations

If you are more technical and want the perfect custom integration, our Penneo API is made for you. You can literally build everything you want and automatise any process you wish. Building an integration via the API offers you limitless possibilities and the gain of time with documents management is important. Read the API documentation here.

Desktop Integrations

Penneo is accessible from anywhere through our web app (laptop, phone, tablet), but we also have a desktop application which is constantly updated with the latest features. The Desktop app allows you to work offline and provide some usage comfort for your office work. Download our latest version here.

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