Delivering a personal experience matters. Having ownership of both email communication and signing experience is a must for customers.


Delivering a personal experience can be of value. Going digital doesn't have to make internal or external communication impersonal. Customize emails with subject capturing or personal messaging. Apply company logo, or personal branding, to the Penneo platform and make it yours.

Custom Emailing

The email template is configured so that the sender can modify all email communication to one, or more recipients, at a time. Write personal messages and add subject capturing to ensure emails get opened and reaches the right people.

Email personalization
Custom branding

Custom Branding

Make the Penneo platform personal by adding logo, colors or customized email signatures. Individual or company branding can be a great advantage, when communicating digitally with others. Signing documents is a trusting process and with a personalized approach, processes become more recognizable each time.



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