Reporting and keeping documentation about signing processes are as important as signing processes themselves.


Reporting translates data into actionable information. Whether it is managing documents, signing processes or allowing participants to leverage reporting of their own data. Reports can be filtered based on categories such as the document status, type, validity, and account activity. Reports cannot be changed by the ed users while interactive reports allow you to navigate the report through various elements.


Follow your signing process and how your participants interact with your documents. Real-time monitoring shows when documents were opened, viewed and completed.There is no delay in the timeliness of the information provided, so any activity will be recorded.

Penneo real-time monitoring
Penneo monthly reports

Monthly Reports

Check out reports on a monthly basis and understand how your organisation is using Penneo. You can access the individual document, see status and pull out data as you wish. From here you can create analyzes and reports that could optimize your company.


The Penneo dashboard visually tracks and displays your accounts activity through real-time monitoring. It gives an easy overview of the activity in your Penneo account and provides real-time monitoring access. Follow all your ongoing or finalized documents and signing processes in one place.

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