From authentication to encryption, everything provided is following the highest security standards.


When using Penneo for documents or signing processes, a high level of security is included. Penneo has implemented rigorous policies to meet the security requirements of some of the most stringent certifications around the world. From authentication to encryption, Penneo protects not only your agreements but also the critical business and personal information

Identity Management

Identity management enables you to manage access to services and resources securely. Using Penneo, you can create and manage users and groups, and use permissions to allow and deny their access to resources.

Penneo identity management
Penneo certifications


Penneo meets the requirements of international legislation such as GDPR, we have a strict focus on IT security and follows for compliance the ISAE-3000 issued by KPMG.

End to End Encryption

All data transfers can be end to end encrypted: enable or not, to enable it you need to know the identity of the signer and you need an eID signing option and login option.

To read more about security, please visit our Trust Center

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