Self-Service Forms

Filling in information and signing forms can be a hassle. Making forms processed digitally facilitate signature flows and data post-processing.

Self-service forms

Gathering information and signing forms can be a tedious process. Handling data requires time and manual labor. With Penneo it is possible to make all these processes much smoother or even automate them.

Collect Data

Gather needed data for different purposes such as; money laundering, KYC or other set of information. Automatically distribute retrieved data into the workflow and proceed safely with the signing processes.

Collect data with Penneo forms
Pre-populate form fields with Penneo

Pre-Populate Form

Save participants' time and effort by pre-populating forms with information you already know about them, such as name, department, or location. Reduce preparation time and pull information from documents to populate selected fields. The system lets you review what has been automatically inserted and you can then move information if it landed in the wrong place.


Examples of different data collection (KYC etc.)

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