Change the way you collect and distribute customer information

Our forms help you simplify and automate manual labor related to data collection and distribution.

Self-service forms


Gathering information and signing forms can be a tedious process. Handling data requires time and manual labor. With Penneo, it is possible to make all these processes much smoother or even automate them.

Identify your customers

Gather needed customer identification information for your KYC process in a secure way. Our KYC solution enables you to automate the client onboarding process.

Identify customers
Collect customer information

Collect customer information

Make it easy for your customers to give you the data you need. Use our form templates and set them up on your website, in an email or wherever your customers are.

Pre-populate forms

Pre-populate forms with information you already have on your customers and collect only what you need. You can distribute retrieved data into your workflows.

Pre-populate forms

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