Signing documents digitally is a core part of any business with up to date procedures. That's why it should be easy and functional to do it.


Signing documents digitally can provide added assurances; such as safe validation of the identity of all signers, easy multi-tasking of signing several documents in one transaction and securing that documents content is fixed and can't be modified once it has been sent out. When the transaction is completed then documents can be stored in the personal archive and always be retrieved quickly.

Identity Validation

Penneo's protection system is created to leverage the national identity systems and by registering the CPR or CVR information before signing, no one else can sign. Thereby ensuring that the identity given data is correct and cannot be forged.

Penneo identity validation
Penneo multi-signing


Use your e-ID once instead of a pen many times. Multi-signing provides the freedom to combine several documents into one transaction, at the same time, Penneo assures that all technical and legal evidence is already built into the process.

Personal Archive

Each signer has an individual archive that is only accessible for them, unless they choose to share it with others. Old or new signed documents are easy to find and safely stored here.

Penneo personal archive

Protection & Expertise

Modification Protection

It is not possible to modify a document once it is sent out. Penneo ensures that each document has an embedded certificate that protects it from unauthorized changes, so that what is sent, is what gets signed.

Notary Expertise

Penneo employs a digital notary seal where a unique watermark ID is printed on all documents and a "checksum" is created each time to check and validate all documents being sent electronically.

Protect your documents with Penneo
Penneo electronic notary seal

Protection & Expertise

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