“Setting up Penneo was very easy, and it has helped us significantly simplify signing procedures.” – Emélie Sandström, Head of Group Financial at Gina Tricot


About Gina Tricot

Gina Tricot is a Swedish fashion chain with 151 physical stores and online shopping across Europe.

The company’s aim is to provide women with affordable trendy apparel while keeping simplicity and flexibility in design and operations.



Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the company could no longer hold its board meetings physically, which meant that their traditional way of handling documents had to be seen over. Before a lot of documents were signed during these meetings.

The company realized that it would have to find a better way to handle document signing further on.



By a recommendation from a company already using Penneo, Gina Tricot decided to implement our digital signing solution to optimize the document signing process for all parties involved.

With Penneo’s signing flows, all document transactions are sent and tracked automatically. The dashboard provides process transparency, and the automatic reminders help stay on track.

Our solution makes it easier for the signers too: they can view and sign documents using their electronic ID from any place with the click of a button. It’s much faster and more secure than relying on snail mail. And a copy of the final signed documents is automatically sent to each signatory, who can safely store and retrieve it from their free personal archive.

Penneo has many benefits to offer – the easy implementation is one Gina Tricot appreciates in particular.



Penneo has helped Gina Tricot to reduce the administrative burden and offer a more convenient signing experience.

And as some document workflows are automated, the team has more time to focus on core functions and tasks.

“Today, we are able to relocate on average 40 hours (one work week) to other things than printing, posting, scanning, and following up on document signing.” – Emélie Sandström, Head of Group Financial at Gina Tricot



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