Guide: KYC- Trusting Someone You Have Never Seen

Digitization has made the world a single interconnected marketplace, crossing the traditional language and distance boundaries and creating unprecedented economic opportunities. However, the risks and complexity of cross-border relationships have also significantly increased. Customer due diligence is now an ongoing activity that all companies must plan for and stay on top of to meet the stringent AML requirements and prevent legal and financial damages.

We analyzed the main challenges that companies face, struggling to meet CDD obligations without unduly burdening their clients. Collecting high-quality KYC data has historically been a tedious, complicated, and unreliable task that got even harder now that organizations rarely interact with their customers face-to-face.

Client onboarding needs to be smarter, more efficient, and thoroughly done to deliver a satisfactory and effortless customer experience while complying with required fraud-mitigation measures. In the guide, there’s all you need to know to optimize the onboarding process, drastically reduce time and effort, and increase the reliability and quality of the data collected.

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