Guide: Real Estate Digitization Outlook

As happened in all other industries, digitization went from a nice-to-have to a need-to-have for real estate agents in the last decade.

Our real estate guide investigated purchasing and renting scenarios to identify common issues and inefficiencies – from the length of the process and the frequency of delays in sharing and signing documents to the inherent security risks. Based on such problems, then, we illustrated the perks achievable through digitization for both parties involved.

For the landlord, time and cost savings are evident, as:

  • it gets easier and faster to send out a document for signature and receive it back on the same digital platform instead of having to print it, mail it, wait to get it back, scan it, etc.;
  • such simplicity and speed are then found again when renewing the lease, as the document can follow the same custom flow, and the process can be automated;
  • moreover, document management solutions include security capabilities that help meet compliance requirements and provide assurance on protecting the privacy of the people involved.

Likewise, for the tenant, many advantages can be identified, such as enjoying a faster leasing process, greater transparency, better accessibility to the contract and information needed, and higher confidence in their personal data security and privacy.

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