Improve document overview with Capto Advo+

About the integration with Capto Advo+

With the integration between Capto Advo + and Penneo, you can easily and securely send and manage documents for signature and validate client identity directly from your case management system.

You can collect the signature digitally directly from the case card you are working in in no time. Simply select which documents to sign and by who and click the Capsign button and signatories receive an email with a link and can sign directly from their smartphone - easy, fast and secure. Once all parties have signed, the final document ends in your case card.

Your processing time is reduced, saving you management costs, and you get a better overview of your documents.


Validate a client's identity with NemID

With the 'KYC' feature, you can validate a client's identity via NemID. After that, a KYC case is created, and the client subsequently receives an email with a link identifying it with NemID.


Follow the process with the Event Log

You can see how far the document is in the signature process directly from Advo+ in the built-in event log at any time. Here you can see who has received, opened and signed the documents - when and from which IP address. For this reason you always have control with your documents and your signatories.

The same goes for the KYC feature, where you can see the KYC ID and the event time of any event type.


Direct access to contacts, roles, and email addresses

By using Advo+, you have full access to your contacts when choosing who to sign the document. You do not need to enter name and email every time you need to send a document to one of your contacts.

With Captos Advo+, you get top-level case and finance management in a Microsoft Dynamics system. This makes workflows easier for both partners, lawyers, lawyers, law secretaries and case managers, and ensures you the best overview of your business. Capto A / S is among the market's leading providers of software solutions for law firms, member organizations and property managers. With more than 20 years of experience, you get a solution that not only supports the need now, but also in the future.