Collect signatures automatically with EG Bolig and AdvoPro

About the integration to AdvoPro

With AdvoPro's integration to Penneo, the system automatically collects the signature digitally on contracts for example. voluntary settlement. The client can sign with NemID or Touch directly from their smartphone or computer, and the signed documents automatically ends up in AdvoPro.


Leave the reminder to the automation

When you collect the signature digitally with AdvoPro and EG Housing, the system automatically sends a reminder to the tenant with a sign request until the signature is in house. The signed document will automatically end in your AdvoPro and EG Housing archive, so you always know where to find them.


Follow the document from send to signed

In the event log, you can follow the document from send to signed and archiving. You can see who has signed when and who is still missing.

The integration is provided by the IT company EG, which, in addition to AdvoPro and EG Bolig, offers a wide range of digitalization solutions for private companies and the public sector. They serve approx. 12,500 customers through the nearly 2,000 employees, divided into 27 locations in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.