Shorten the entire recruitment process with emply

About the integration to Emply

The Integration into Penneo is a yet another tool in the Emply Solution, which helps users save time and money, as they can now use digital signature to sign the employment contract.


Send contracts for signature - it’s fast and easy.

The employment contract and other documents are sent quickly to digital signatures directly from the Emply platform. It is easy for both the company and the candidate.


Shorten the recruitment process

When contracts can be signed with digital signature, it shortens the entire recruitment process and the time spent recruiting new employees.


An extra time and money saving tool

With this integration, users are offered an additional tool that helps streamline their workflow. In addition, customers also save money on postage and paper.


Direct archiving in Emply

When you collect the signature digitally, the signed document automatically ends up in your Emply archive - without touching a finger.

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