Silverfin x Penneo:
Helping accountants work more efficiently

A strong partnership to automate your accounting processes. Create and sign audit & accounting documents seamlessly. With the integration between Silverfin and Penneo, it is easier, faster, and more convenient to manage your processes.

Silverfin and Penneo

Get the right benefits by connecting your favorite tools together

Save your time

Every click saved matters. Reduce manual work by sending documents between Silverfin & Penneo.

Secure your work

Regulatory compliance matters. Encrypted data, log file & compliant processes are a daily must.

Increase your productivity

Automated workflows matter. Help your team and clients to work better thanks to custom signing workflows.

How it works

Free up time to focus on the work that matters to you.
Leave the manual administrative labor to us.

Import documents from Silverfin

Import documents from Silverfin

Create documents in Silverfin. Send to Penneo for digital signing with the click of a button.

Choose a workflow (example Annual Report)

Document types and signer roles are automatically imported, minimizing manual data entry. Fill in the final details and send the documents for digital signing.


Be constantly up-to-date

Keep track of progress in the Penneo dashboard. Get instantly notified when a document has been signed by all parties.

Penneo features made for accountants

Digital signing: Sign single or multiple documents in one transaction.

Identity validation: Make sure the right person is signing by requesting electronic identification.

Automatic reminders: Make sure clients sign on time. You choose how often to remind them.

Forms: Collect client data in a simple, safe, and secure way.

Automated flows: Use for recurring document send-outs based on predefined rules.

Dashboard: Get the full overview of your documents’ status - sent, opened, signed, or pending.

Audit trail: Document all steps taken and stay on top of compliance duties.

Automatic data deletion: Only store data for as long as you’re supposed to. Stay GDPR compliant.

Regulatory compliance highlights


GDPR compliance


End-to-end encrypted data handling


eIDAS-compliant digital signatures

Silverfin & Penneo most common use cases

Engagement letter

Audit report


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