Sign employee contracts with TimePlan and Penneo

About the integration to TimePlan

TimePlan workforce management makes shift planning, time registration and managing your employees easy, efficient, safe and cost-effective. With TimePlan's HR module, you can manage all employee data via Electronic Forms and send documents for Digital Signature with Penneo.


Sign documents from any device

When you send a contract for Digital Signature with Penneo in TimePlan, the employee can sign it on the go on any device - mobile phone, tablet or computer. All they need is their NemID and the automated email from TimePlan inviting them to sign.


Send to several signatories

When you send documents for Digital Signature, you can invite as many signatories as you like to sign the document. TimePlan keeps track of all the signatures regardless of the order and will remind those who still need to sign.


Keep track of the document

Are you wondering if a new employee has received, opened and signed an employment contract? TimePlan will show you every step of the process from the moment you send the document for Digital Signature via Penneo until you receive the signed version.


Notify the employee

TimePlan will continue to remind the employee to sign the contract or document until it is actually signed and returned. You don't have to worry about documents drowning in inboxes or ending up in the wrong download folder.


Comply with GDPR

With TimePlan's Penneo integration, you can send any kind of document to Digital Signature. Just save it as a PDF and rest assured that your documents are handled safely and securely and in full compliance with GDPR. You no longer need to worry about sensitive data ending up in the wrong download folder on a public computer or getting lost in the mail.


Save directly in Electronic Forms

When an employee signs the contract through Penneo, the document is automatically archived in the Electronic Forms in TimePlan's HR module. No need to do anything - other than enjoy TimePlan and Penneo doing the administration for you.

TimePlan is a leading workforce management product for employee scheduling, time registration and HR Administration. More than 400 customers in 25+ countries save time and costs and increase their employee satisfaction every day with TimePlan. The first version of TimePlan was launched in 1995 and today, TimePlan continues to set the standards within the Workforce Management arena.

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