Streamline the annul report signing process with ClientView and Årsafslutning

Send annual report out for signature directly from Årsafslutning. Reduce the time spent on manual tasks and focus on creating value for your customers instead.

Wolters Kluwer

The Penneo integration with Årsafslutning and ClientView helps you streamline the annual report signing process. Send the annual report out for digital signature directly from Årsafslutning and check its status in ClientView.

Custom signing flows

Make sure the annual report is signed by the right people in the right order. You just add the signatories and decide the order in which they should sign and the system does the rest.

Progress overview

Keep track of your annual report after you hit send. See in ClientView if the annual report has been opened, is pending signatures, or has been signed.

Sync contacts

Minimize the risk for mistakes. Board members, management, auditors, and other ClientView and Årsafslutning contacts are automatically synced with Penneo.

Direct archiving in ClientView and Årsafslutning

Store your signed annual reports securely. The signed annual report will automatically land in your ClientView and Årsafslutning archives.