Collect all annual report signatures with Årsafslutning and ClientView

About the integration to Årsafslutning og ClientView

With the integration between ClientView+Årsafslutning and Penneo, you can send the completed annual report to digital signature without compromising security. Your processing time is shortened, you no longer need to relocate the customer and reduce the cost of paper and print.


Send your completed report directly from Årsafslutning

With just a few clicks, you can send the financial statements to digital signature. The system then ensures that the signature is obtained from all parties and in the correct order. Once all parties have signed, the PDF can be used for reporting to the Danish Enterprise Agency


Keep track of the process

With ClientView from Wolters Kluwer, you get a complete archive where you can follow your cases from start to finish. With digital signature from Penneo, you can see how far your annual report is in the signature process, including who has signed - and who is missing.


Accessing Contacts, Roles, and Email Addresses

When you use ClientView and Årsafslutning to send the annual report to digital signature, your relevant contacts, such as board members, management, auditors, etc., are synced. automatically from ClientView and Årsafslutning automatically with Penneo, so you do not have to fill in your name and email again and minimize the risk of error typing.


Direct archiving in ClientView and Årsafslutning

Once all the parties have signed, the signed documents ends up directly in your ClientView archive and Årsafslutning archive.

Wolter Kluwer is one of Scandinavia's leading providers of software and services in the field of taxation, auditing and accounting.With Årsafslutning, you get the complete tool for setting up your company's annual report. It handles digital reporting to the business administration and is updated with the forthcoming amendments to the Danish Financial Statements Act and statements of assurance. All made, so you easily and accurately can prepare your annual report. Årsafslutning is just one of many modules available for Clientview Client Handling, from which it is easy and efficient to administer all your clients and their cases. All are tailor-made to the auditor's workflow and with more than 19,000 employees, you are sure that there is always somebody ready with a helping hand.