Know-Your-Customer (KYC):
Establishing identity of your customers

Verifying the identity of their clients is a regular but important step for businesses. Many companies subject to the Anti-Money Laundering ACT begin their KYC procedures by collecting basic data and information about their customers.

Often, company’s processes are a bit « old school » by requesting scanned copies of passports, Driving License or similar ID. This requires that the person needs to be present or those information need to be communicated by email. In any case, it is cumbersome, time consuming and insecure.

To resolve the issues linked with compliance and security, and make the processes smoother, Penneo created a solid solution based on the identity validation through eID. It is also possible to utilize the Penneo KYC form without eID, however, this is not something Penneo recommends if you wish high security.

Penneo’s solution lets your customers handle everything using their national digital IDs directly from their computer or smartphone and still comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

How does it work?

  1. You create a webform based on a Penneo template or customize your own fields
  2. Once done, the form is instantly accessible via a link
  3. You place or share the link as needed, communication is on you, as you wish
  4. Signed and finalized forms ends up in the Penneo archive (and on your email inbox)


Penneo KYC process offers many advantages:

  1. KYC access control is simple and secure
  2. It is possible to pair the form with other documents that need to be send and signed
  3. It can be used on the phone and go directly to the camera, no need for a pre scan or anything
  4. Forms can be customized, you can even pre-fill a form and share it with a unique link
  5. KYC form can also be plugged with the Penneo API for a full integration
  6. If your company is subject to AML, KYC is part of the process

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