“We have over 3000 contracts requiring signatures every month. With Penneo’s digital signature solution, we have managed to save 385 hours of work per month. As a result, our employees can now focus on better servicing our customers and tenants rather than spend time on manual administrative tasks.” – Thomas B. Skræddergaard, Head of IT at DEAS


About DEAS

DEAS is a Danish property and asset management company that specializes in the letting and development of both residential and commercial real estate, completing more than 3,500 cases every year. With over 25 years of experience, DEAS is Denmark’s leading company within property and asset management.




• DEAS reduces time spent on administrative tasks with Penneo

DEAS knows that providing an excellent customer experience is crucial to their success. Therefore, they are always looking for new ways to deliver added value to tenants. This is where Penneo came in.

It used to be challenging for DEAS’ employees to get over 3000 contracts printed, mailed, and signed every month. On top of that, manually signing and mailing back documents was also a hassle for the tenants. As a result, DEAS decided to implement Penneo, a digital signing and KYC/AML compliance software.

With Penneo, DEAS saves 385 hours of administrative work every month that they now allocate towards ensuring excellent customer service.


• DEAS speeds up the leasing process with Penneo

Thanks to Penneo, DEAS has fully digitized its signing flows and reduced costs associated with paper, printing, and postage. The company’s business processes run much smoother and document management has never been easier. By digitizing tedious manual tasks, DEAS’ employees can focus on better servicing customers. As a result, employee satisfaction has increased.

The customer experience has also improved. DEAS’ customers can now sign documents faster and more conveniently at any time and from any device. They also know their personal data is kept secure and managed in accordance with the EU’s GDPR.



• Penneo helped DEAS speed up the signature collection process. This has increased both efficiency and customer satisfaction.

• Penneo allows DEAS to securely store contracts and signed documents in compliance with the GDPR.

• The implementation of digital signature saves DEAS 385 hours of administrative work per month and makes their processes run smoother.

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